waldorf quantum

  1. oli

    Studio Essentials: Alessandro Cortini (auf xlr8r.com)

    Alessandro Cortini’s new album is coming later this month, his first on Mute. The Italian artist, best known for being the keyboard player in the American band Nine Inch Nails, recorded much of it in Los Angeles, starting just after the release of 2017’s Avanti, his most recent studio outing...
  2. reznor

    Waldorf Quantum - Hybrid Synth - Version 2.0

    Hybrid Flagschiff. 8 Voice Hybrid Poly Synth MOD: Multisampling, Granular, etc. Phi8zPZcWtw MOD: Neueste grundlegende Änderung: Kernel Synthese in 2.0 #1778 <<--- hier!! https://www.sequencer.de/blog/waldorf-quantum-3-osc-hybrid-wavetable-synth/30116