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 FAIRLIGHT Fairlight CMIseries Hybrid Synthesizer + midi sequencer

Fairlight Fairlight CMIseries synthesizer
fairlight system series III
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Built 1979
Type: digital
Hybrid: yes
16 Voice / Stimmen
16x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 2700 (rare)
Synthesis: multi synthesis

OSC Features additive samples 28MB resynthesis
Wave Shapes sample + additive sine
999 OSCs
0 Filter
999 LFOs ?
999 Envelope Generators multistage multisegment software generated

MIDI Control / Triggering
73 Keys with velocity

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer midi sequencer
(ID 237)
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ABOUT There are more than one Fairlight System: Serie 1 to 3, the first one is 8bit, the last was 16it by the australian company. Fast Fourier Transform, Waveform edits / drawing
ABOUT es gab eigentlich 3 Serien des Fairlight Systems von 8bis 16bit von der australischen Firma. Fast Fourier Transform, Waveform edits / zeichnen
DETAILS his machine was maybe the most expensive (digital) gear in the 80ies.. 0.5secs samples, additive and resynthesis (no, it's NOT like the k5000 and the cube.. but maybe inspired), after this PCM sampling like in the korg M1 and D50 samples became very popular.. the fairlight was a complete system with sequencer controlled by lightpen, 2x 8" floppy discs, and midi (not like the midi-less synclavier).. famous users: vince clarke / depeche mode, cabaret voltaire, erdenklang, peter gabriel.. filter hardware: 8 CEM3320 VCF in earlier versions 8 SSM2044 VCF in later versions - data sheet
DETAILS der LFO und ENV bereich kann nicht klar beantwortet werden ,da es additive sektionen gibt mit 64stufigen time-level konstrukten.. samples, die ersten fairlights hatten nur 0.5 secs, spätere durften länger sein, 8 Zoll Disketten! und 8 6800er Prozessoren (nicht 68000!) später midifiziert worden, erste hatten dies natürlich nicht.. Analog filter: 8 CEM3320 VCF in earlier versions 8 SSM2044 VCF in later versions
SOUND digital hi end engine for so to say everything, todays view: a bit slow..
SOUND digitale hi end maschine für faktisch alles, heute eher langsame verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit.
VERSION Fairlight series 1, Fairlight series 2, Fairlight series 3 differ a lot.. (more to come..)
VERSION Fairlight series 1,Fairlight series 2,Fairlight series 3 recht unterschiedlich (more to come..)

FAIRLIGHT or Peter Vogel

The famous austalian company CMI Fairlight was founded end of the 70ies by Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie and they soon built very expensive computers that you surely know about.

In 2012 Peter Vogel continued to offer the CMI and Fairlight App under his own Name. So it's 2 companies now. and

Official Intl. Site :

Australische Firma CMI Fairlight, war immer teuer und sehr innovativ. Gründer waren Peter Vogel und Kim Ryrie in den späten 70ern.

Die Firma wurde 2012 aufgeteilt, für die CMI Computer und die App ist nun der Firmenname Peter Vogel zuständig. Der Rest ist Fairlight. Deshalb gibt es auch 2 Firmen: and



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