69 chord machine²s

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    src: https://youtu.be/lLCFvudBw9Q

    Flame two Chord Machines CM1 arp out to CM2 in, CM2 arp out to CM1 in
    4ms Peg ,RCD
    Doepfer A 143-1, A 134 panning by A 143-9 , Maths ,Moog MP 201
    foh choices to A 152 (4 ms RCD all outs to A 152)
    Make Noise,Maths, 2 x Moddemix (Ringmodulators Antis & Uncles),
    Optomix,QMMG, 2xWogglebug
    Malekko 4x Anti Oscillator cv by CM1, 3x Uncle cv by CM2 ,Noisering
    Moog Freqbox 4x
    Tip Top Audio Z 8000 cv source for Chord Machine 1&2 chord input
    Toppobrillo 2x Quantimator (~CM²s), Sportmodulator filter S&H
    SSL Modulation Orgy
    Logic midi masterclock to
    Kenton Pro 2000
    drums 12/8
    kick RS 110 QMMG
    snare Noisering RS 110 QMMG
    FX Boss VF 1, Lexicon PCM 80 / 90