bass synth track

Was ist da live ?

Da läuft ein Sequencer und der Bediener dreht an Reglern die den Klang verändern, findet aber offensichtlich keinen passenden, den es zu speichern lohnt. ;-)
well... can you reply in english, please ? I'm french and I can't speak german... thank you !

but I can guess you're talking about "live act or not"... in fact my DR-110 drum machine is plugged into the two BOSS synth pedals, then I can change patterns live, I'm in the DR-110 "tap write" mode, and of course SYB = no memory, so enjoy knob tweaking ! :roll: but I think we can call it "live".
Sorry, I didn't notice that your post is in the english section.

My post isn't worth to be translated, just some german sentences with little content that refer to former discussions on the board ;-)
interesting - i did the same thing once with an electro-harmonix bassmicrosynth and bassballs. well, but i just used it to produce samples for my mpc. but i must admit, as i know the syb (i used it as a bassplayer) it has crap tracking and multitriggering - but it works good in your hands.


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