Jubiläumssampler zum 100. Geburtstag des Theremins (von der NY THEREMIN SOCIETY)




"To mark the 100th birthday of the theremin, the NY THEREMIN SOCIETY is pleased to announce the release of THEREMIN 100 – a compilation featuring 51 international theremin artists from 18 countries performing original works. THEREMIN 100 is available on limited Vinyl Edition, Audio CD and Digital Format capturing today's thriving and diverse Theremin Community. The special VINYL deluxe edition includes a foreword by Albert Glinsky, author of "THEREMIN: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE", who says, "As we mark the 100th anniversary of Lev Theremin’s beguiling etherphone, the instrument has come to enjoy a rich repertoire and an enduring identity, its inventor would be proud of. Lev’s primal ‘electronic Orpheus’ lament’ has spawned innumerable works and experiments across genres. The collection of music on this release is a testament to that legacy, representing the rich variety of approaches to a now classic instrument – an instrument that will forever inspire musicians to conjure new creations out of the spellbinding ‘ether.’"