Mouse on Mars zu ihrer neuen "Foul Mouth" Single und den verwendeten iOS-Apps




Aus der Youtube-Info:
"Mouse on Mars new album "Dimensional People" will be released April 13 2018 on Thrill Jockey Records. In this video Jan St. Werner gives some insights in the creation process of the album's second single "Foul Mouth", where they used the mobile app Elastic Drums as a creative tool to play with recorded samples and to create a first grid for the song.

Mouse on Mars co-run the music app label MoMinstruments where they develop mobile music apps, which they often use in their music production, like in this video. Dimensional People CD/LP: Dimensional People digital: Mouse on Mars website: MoMinstruments: Mobile music apps used in Dimensional People: - Elastic Drums: - WretchUp: - fluXpad: Additional Musicians in Foul Mouth: - Zach Condon - Amanda Blank - Phil Cook - Ben Lester"

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