Parallel Worlds videos for 2 tracks (plus equipment info)

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  1. hi list,

    new video clips for two older tracks of mine:

    Dreamstate (2005, Shima records)

    Beneath Fear (2007, DiN records)

    equipment used:


    Roland SH101(bass sounds), Roland TR606 (drums), Nord lead rack, Nord modular (drums processor), JP8000(pad), korg MS10(bass line), mono/poly (effect sound), Doepfer A100(wet sequence) modular, MS2000r, s750, emax2 .

    Beneath Fear:
    Doepfer A100 modular, Analogue Systems Integrator (RS370 PHG sound), system-100m(bass), electribe S(drums), s750 (string and choir) , JP8000(pad) , Reaktor (lead sound), Nord modular, MS20.

    also, check the other PW videos too, of the tracks, 'Shade', 'Entities' (from DiN32 album) and of the track 'Into The Caves of the Mind' (from DiN26 album)