Schönes IDM Video

Dieses Thema im Forum "Media 2.0" wurde erstellt von intercorni, 28. Oktober 2008.

  1. intercorni

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  2. XCenter

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    Leider viel zu kurz. Interessant, dass das alles ordinäre 2D-Digifotos sind. Sind nur in After Effects montierte Layer. Schick.
  3. Moogulator

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    Definiert auch den Begriff "rumhängen" oder auch "in der Luft" hängen neu..
  4. intercorni

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    Magnus Engsfors schreibt zur Produktion:

    It was shot with one Canon Eos 5D and a single external ProFoto flash while I was hanging in two ropes stretched across the scene. Then some heavy masking and retouch in Photoshop before the layers was lined up in After Effects to add camera movement and particles and such things.

    Render times.... Not to long, I would say about half an hour for the whole project. Since it´s actually all 2D it´s not that heavy at all. The new quad core 3,2Ghz might have helped a little though..... ;-)