Smallbear Electronics hört auf

Dear Friends and Customers:

After 22 years as Chief Executive Bear of Small Bear Electronics, I am planning to retire and begin another stage of life with my good wife.

I have had a marvelous run: growing from a kitchen table to a 5,000-square foot warehouse, growing in tandem with both the community of DIYers and the numerous independent pedal makers who have become a major force in the effects market. Judy and I have had some wonderful experiences combining business and pleasure, from meeting domestic and overseas customers and vendors to sightseeing in locales from Alaska to South Africa.

This decision has not been forced by market conditions; business has continued as strong as ever through the pandemic. So, the store will be open as usual over the coming months. I will be selling down the inventory--first-come/first-served--and not replenishing stock. There is likely to be some confusion as we shrink. Thank you for your support all these years, and please bear with us through the transition.

Steve, Judy and the Small Bear Team

Ich hab nur selten was dort bestellt, aber das war wirklich ein prima Shop. Auch wenn es hauptsächlich in Richtung Gitarreneffekte ging.

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