Ton App - Drum Machine mit Parameter Locks



Fühlt sich wohl wie eine Digitakt an von der Parameter Locks-Funktion her...

"Sculpt samples and sequence them in real time.

Ton brings a classic step sequencer and an advanced audio engine to your iPad, enabling you to create rich and modulated rhythmic sequences.


• Build rhythmic sequences using the step-sequencer, or play live using the drum pads

• Add movement to any sequence using PARAMETER LOCKS: any step can be assigned specific parameter values (pitch, saturation, volume…), a feature that can be used creatively to build melodies, add variation and make the overall sound feel more natural and organic

• Store your beats in PATTERNS, and recall them with a single tap immediately, without ever going out of tempo

• Use Ton in various setups, thanks to Audiobus and Ableton Link integration


• Mutate samples using the provided parameters

• Each track has its own multimode resonant filter, saturation effect and amplitude envelope

• Glue everything together using the Delay and Reverb master effects


• Unlimited parameter locks

• 6 tracks per project

• 1 multimode resonant filter per track

• 1 saturation effect per track

• 1 sequence per track, up to 4 bars long

• Delay and Reverb send effects

• 16 patterns per project, with store/recall behavior

• Up to 128 samples per project

• Ableton Link integration

• Audiobus integration

• Inter-App Audio integration

• Sample-level timing accuracy

• Sample import from iCloud, Dropbox, AudioShare and iTunes File Sharing (in-app purchase)

• Tempo from 20 to 999 BPM"


neu hier
Ich such ja sowas... Taugt sas ?
Irgend n kuhlen Drumsynth ala Machinedrum, sowas such ich.

- DM2
- und elastic Drums

hab ich bisher auf dem Schrim.

Freue mich über zahlreiche tips ! :)
( sollte ein AU3 sein oder sowas lauffähig in Beatmaker 3 )


Also DM2 und Elastic Drums kann ich voll empfehlen. Bei beiden (bei Elastic weiss ichs, bei DM2 meine ich es zu wissen) gibt es keinen echten Parameter Lock aber Automation. Ich kann also beispielsweise in Elastic Drums auf einem Step den Pitch hochschrauben und auf dem nächsten Step wieder runter.