Waldorf micro Q lite UPGRADE from 12 to 25 voices-How?

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  1. greetings...i am looking for some clarity...
    i understand this upgrade is software only, but what software, and where can i get it?

    i've surfed my guts out trying to get some information on this, but nothing seems to be out there, the wonderful wide web seems to be devoid of anything sensible on the Q--lite--.

    hope an informed someone can bail me out..?

    i'd also like to know what the physical/hardware differences are between the micro Q and the --lite-- version. why did waldorf come out with the 12 voice when it seems a backward step? any light?

    thanks in advance
  2. tomcat

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    Waldorf is coming again. So soon youll be able to get this upgrade again. Maybe ;-)
  3. HPL

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    i can remember that this topic was up last year. if you use the search function you may find it. there is also the info from who you can buy this upgrade in the thread.
  4. tomcat

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    I think you can also get it from Stadler Electronic.
  5. Moogulator

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    http://www.sequencer.de/syns/waldorf Waldorf is back, till then stadler-electro can be asked (see my http://www.sequencer.de/syns/waldorf Waldorf section for links www.Sequencer.de/waldorf/waldorf_synthesizer.html )

    there were 2 versions of the microQ, the earlier ones had 12 voices that was the official 25 voicces version, buuut: it is dynamically dependent how complex the voices are.. so in fact it is about 15 voices that come out of the machine.. its the SAME version! there is another version which has 75 voices that will offer about 40 voices ,soo why this? it's because it's 75 voices when you switch off everything: the fm, the oscs 2 and 3 etc.. but at normal use you should be able to use about 40.. the other one (unexpanded) works the same way.. so , this might be a misunderstanding?..

    waldorf are back waldorf-music.de

    welcome to the forum . btw ;-)
  6. thanks for the replies thus far. I have already searched the site here, but didn't find anything helpful regarding updating the Micro Q Lite [12 voice] to the MicroQ [25 voice].

    i understand the technical challenges these rigs have addressing the number of actual voices they can play relative to the theoretical, and all the variables that prevail. however, expanding the Lite [12 voice theoretical] to the MicroQ [25 voice theoretical] remains my challenge.

    i note that in the latest OS for the MicroQ, v2.22 that specific reference is made that it cannot be used for the Lite! so, by updating the rig to a 25 voice, i will be able to run the latest software, namely v2.22.

    interestingly, v2.21 doesn't say that it can't be used with the Lite. bewilderment prevails!!

    while checking out http://waldorf.electro-music.com/ a while ago, there was no reference whatsoever, to the Lite, for upgrades or anything. Lite users are clearly an alienated species!!

    i am now actually wondering, that by upgrading to v2.22, if this will wonderfully morph my box into a 25 voicer, or just turn it into scrap? however, if the differences between the MicroQ Lite and the MicroQ is merely in the software, why shouldn't i use v2.22 right now ? will the world end due to an exploding waldorf micro q lite ?? or, will the box just toast itself and be rendered utterly useless (instead of being just a little bit useless with 12 voices theoretical)?

    i am mindful of the dark satanic days of Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, the PC operating system that was prevented from being a full-on server, only by a mere tweak in the registry, despite Microsoft saying it was a completely different kernel. it was a policy to charge 10 times more for the Server edition, when already the Workstaion was a server but tweaked down. is the waldorf micro Q lite an excuse to charge a client who wants 25 voices - a kind of Microsoft strategy?? is it coincidence that Microsoft tried this rip off at about the same time as the MicroQ came into existence?????????? hmmmmm......now my imagination is getting the better of me!!

    if indeed, as reported in this forum, the differences between the Lite [12 voice] and the micro Q [25 voice] are ZERO, then what's stopping me from using v2.22 besides a mere threat of words in a txt file ????

    i must admit, i feel that anything german regarding synthesis, is an uphill struggle when you are a consumer. Native Instruments is another case of Buyer Beware! as a professional in the field of Quality Management, i find the state of affairs to be unacceptable. so much for customer service, eh, but its fine if they take your money anyway.....perhaps this is why ISO 9001 is so rare in germany, as it forces the holders of the certificated system to strategically align their policy with customer needs!!

    i note also, that while waldrof has risen from the dead (presumably so they can come back and do what they did before - buggy software), their re-born web site has sweet eff all regarding the Micro Q Lite. no change there then!!

    FOR SALE: i waldorf micro q lite, 1 careful owner. will consider swapping it for a pile of dog poo

    cheers guys
  7. Moogulator

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    again: no, there is no upgrade from 12 to 25, what I wanted to say is: the 25 voice version IS the 12 voice version for its dynamical system .. it has 25 voices as long as you only use one osc , no fm etc.. simple!! since no1 really does so it has a bit less voices.. minimum is 12, so finally it is around 15 fpor the 12/25 model!!

    the other one offers 75 (officially) but it is in fact more like 40-44 voices.. same thing..

    you can ask

    since they are waldorfers..!!

    the later microQs can be expanded..

    there were quite a lot of revisions and sub-releases like lite and omega., the yellow one (early) and the blue ones (later models)..

    please check with waldorf and stadler (you remember the muppets ?)

    right: NT WAS EVIL!! it crashed a LOT a day.. but an apple per day keeps the doctor away..

    russian saying (or something) ;-) *G*
  8. microQ Lite upgrade....the saga ends!

    ok, here's the rundown:

    basically, the Q Lite is locked, stopping it from being a 25 voice uQ. if you part with 59 euros, the jokers at stadler-electro.de will be happy to take your money (well, at least one of them will) in exchange for a key to unlock it. i give you their domain address here so you can avoid them!!

    there is a code in the global settings which you must divalge, and once they have got your money, the solution will be provided.

    you will note that the email addresses in the waldorf site are dead, and you won't find anything anywhere of any help on the web about this upgrade issue without wasting a sh-1-t load of time and emotional energy - so i have just saved you a mission!!!

    i emailed Frank at the above joker's retreat, and he ignored my email. however, i joined a yahoo group (search on micro Q) and got a contact, who's email address at the time, was naturally hidden. he replied, it was Frank's side kick Stefan. it seems he's in more need of the money than Frank!!

    i've been around the houses with this thing, and i must admit, the final conclusion, after forums, groups, emails to dead addresses, and so forth, i think it's time i got a life and ebayed the fcuking thing. to have all this hassle, and not get paid for it...then have to part with 59 euros, it's a smack in the face.......

    59 euros for doing nothing.....should be a law against it. this is blatant profiteering. the bottom line - if you want more than the capped 12 voice rig, buy the uQ in the first place. now, why didn't i read that anywhere???????

    caveat emptor - BUYER BEWARE!!

    go easy guys, there is life beyond waldorf ;-)
  9. I also thought WTF - MQ OS 2.19 on my little box, the editor recommends to use 2.22 I was in the need to upgrade the box - you know its like someone stands behind me and with a bat and tells me to upgrade the device immeadeatly. I found already several threads about this matter here in this forum - so i post my expierince -

    The waldorf site was down - i have written an email to the dev (Frank) and he sent me the 2.22 OS. I donwloaded the OS to the micro Q hoping best xD...

    It really worked - it upgraded the "light" to a full Micro Q. You could verify if the upgrade has worked if you compare the features in the manual with the ones which are now on your micro q. Mostly the Sound Mix in feature which was only available in the full version micro Q is present in the Menu after upgrade to OS 2.22

    I also had very good sound improvments - i.e. it really resolved some bugs if you press multiple keys on a complex sound - with OS 2.19 i had the problem that the sounds start to crackle - with OS 2.22 the sounds get polyphonic "correctly" cut.

    I would recomment this Synth of course - with the Java Editor it is easy configurable and good to handle.

    Auf Deutsch: Auf jedenfall upgraden, kann man an sich nix falsch machen OS 2.22 beseitigt wirklich einige auch hörbare fehler in dem Gerät. Das der Micro Q ein cooles gerät ist zeigt auch das man den Komplexxer entwickelt hat.
  10. Waldorf

    Whit the update of the OS of Waldorf the things are some strange becose i download the same zip.file whit the update from diferend places and in one of the txt.document was writen nothing about the compatibility of the hardware but in the second was writen thet is only for micro Q keyboard and Micro Q rack, micro Q lite not compatibile whit 222,but i dont know why they dont write this in they home page whit the OS download.