Hard Mod Electronics presenting (analog) Matrix Synthesizer

Hard Mod Electronics are based in Mexico and just presented some images of an upcoming new device that looks interesting made of a Matrix – shown here (delivered by Ghielmetti, CH)

they posted something about this thing coming up next – the real source synthi – sort of EMS inspired thing, so the matrix may play a role sooner or later in here.. ?


they also did a VL1 mod that looks totally nerdy and cool, like a heavily expanded synth with envelopes, echo, oscillators that are being controlled by the Casio VL.

here’s the angled MS-style panel VL1 mod..

casio vl1mod


15.-18.4.2015 – SynMag – Das Synthesizer-Magazin Stand E37 Halle 5.1 auf der Musikmesse (Frankfurt/M)

Wir sind auf der Musikmesse (also ich auch) – Halle 5.1, Stand E37
Mit ein paar Synthesizern.

Komm doch mal vorbei.



Der Lageplan (klicken für größer…)

Wie man hier sieht, hat Korg ein paar Stände gebucht (Odyssey, Korg Sample-Electribe,…) und es sieht insgesamt auch so aus, dass der Roland JD Xa (der große) dann fertig sein wird. Vielleicht gibt es ja auch noch mehr Überraschungen…

Schauen, schauen…

Vince Clarke Tuning Modules via Analogue Solutions for analog synths (eurorack)

Clarke is a new euro-rack based synth by Analogue Solutions
. and as you might know – these are branded by Vince! This is a tuning system for analog synths in 16 bit resolution which should be enough for a good V/Oct. calibration. 

teaser for upcoming videos:

Master Module for MIDI – slaves can be more than one to control one EXACT Hz/V or V/Oct. with V or S Trigger each!

watch the video above to get the idea how it works – it’s about like Volta or Expert Sleepers.. you hear the tuning and it will tune all through the frequencies and then you can have it all more perfect(ly) tuned.

Bastl Modular (Euro Format)

That name looks totally cool for German ppl to work on a modular system (tweaking and stuff).

they got these modules – other then in Germany the prices are without VAT, so add something like 19% over here.


Knit Rider (16hp) – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer, 230 eur
GrandPA (5HP) – granular sampler, 173 eur <– Microgranny as a module..
Quattro Figaro (10hp) – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing, 164 eur
Tea Kick (5hp) – more than just a bass drum, 90 eur
Noise Square (5HP) – noise and square source, 90 eur
Skis (5HP) – dual decay + vca, 90 eur
Little Nerd (6HP) – trigger / gate processor, 123 eur
Abc (5HP) – 6 channel mixer, 82 eur
Spaghetti (4HP) – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix, 82 eur
MULTIPLE (2HP) – passive multiple, 25 eur

where you can get it:

Modules are available now from noise.kitchen. Please check the website for details and availability.
http://noise.kitchen/product-category/bastl/bastl-eurorack/Der Name ist wohl Programm, jetzt haben die Macher der kleinen Sample-Boxen ein Modularsystem bereit..
Bastl sind am 28.3. abends auf den 29.3. (in der auch die Uhr umgestellt wird) zu Gast bei LSB TV, lohnt also die einzuschalten –
lsb bastlstream ab 0:00 am SA abend 28.3. http://www.alex-berlin.de/tv
ow it looked like:
the Bastl family is on the right..
Bastl ppl coming up

Bastl auf LSB TV / Alex TV 

bastl performance 2

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