Hybrid/Digital Synthex 2 Synthesizer by Mario Maggi (Crumar…)

THEEE synth guy in Italy, Mr. Mario Maggi, is working on a digital Synth with the name of Synthex 2 (I am not sure if it’s the final name, but there are some quotes on these Forum Posts: Synthex 2 von Mario Maggi that explain a lot by Enrice Cosimi, who I met at the Synthex / Elka – Re-Issue Event in Frankfurt (Hi Enrico!) – who says they simply did not intent to have the same idea of bringing the “Synthex Name” back in 2 completely different ways, so – here’s 2 new Synths – I really hope these 2 will coexist which would be totally cool in a lot of ways, not having to deal with registered trademarks (issues)..

unclear if and which parts are analog or hybrid, so assume this is a digital synth. (so far).

and not to forget, this is the Synthex 2 “VA” / digital Synth that is being made by Maggi/Cosimi – I could imagine this being an innovation..
synthex 2



  • 16-voice polyphony // 8-voice upgradable version may also be produced


  • with 61 notes keyboard
    Physical dimension more compact than in the previous version.
    Less weight. No fan (means compared to the Synthex!)
  • keyboardless tabletop version (same control panel)
    1 Rack Unit expander without controls, w. PC dedicated editing software
    -> box desktop expander without controls, w. PC dedicated editing software (hmm I assume PC means Mac as well)


  • High-quality 61 note keybed FATAR TP-8,
    weighted, with key velocity, channel aftertouch


  • Professional joystick, precision mechanism w. robust 5mm metal shaft.

LCD Display

  • 800 x 480 pixel,  4.3” color display for the editing of additional parameters not available on the front panel; patch program/editing & sequences program/editing.

Instrument’s Architecture

  • whole, double, split mode (duotimbral)
  • Unison Mode with variable voice quantity


  • 2 oscillators per voice, a lot of available waveforms
  • extended cross modulation


  • Multi mode filter, with Cutoff, Resonance and a new control for filter behavior, multiple modes (more than the orig. Synthex)


  • 2  Waveshapers  // Post/Pre-Filter Waveshaper, div.  shaping curves.


  • “bigger” chorus circuit from Synthex MkI -> mod rate / amount on each separate delay line.

Envelope Generators

  • 8 separate EGs per voice, 8 segment multistage type
  • rates/time ctrl by Vel / AT (each)
  • EGs can be used for LFO out shaping.

Wide range LFOs

  • 8 LFOs per voice, Each LFO output can be shaped with EGs


  • Very close to the original version but  with polyphony
  • easier programming/editing
  • 4 polyphonic tracks
  • Step by step or real time recording mode
  • Sync in/out, MIDI Sync


  • Independent Arpeggiators for Lower and Upper parts
  • Arpeggiators works together with internal Sequencer.


  • 18V DC IN  for external PSU
  • USB-B connection for a PC editor
  • RJ45 for external expansion box (CV/Trigger/Gate)
  • MIDI In, Out.
  • Sync In / Out  (5V)
  • 2X CV In –  freely routable.
  • Expression Pedal 2x
  • Audio Out : 4x (stereo for each split)

Korg Volca Sampler – Editor: SampleRobot

Sample Robot is originally made for mass-sample synths, but it can also send Samples to the Volca without the need for an iPad from your Mac/PC.

what it does:


slice loops, makes them single samples, upload and manage those samples and send it to the volca – all in one software.

WaveRobot is an addition:

  • Sample Editor
    -Loop Creation – multiple Loop positions etc.

here’s a demo video – little bit ad’ish but easy to understand how it works –


Der SampleRobot bekommt eine Option, um ganze Samplepakete, Slices und Loops als Einzelsamples in den Volca Sample zu laden.

Eigentlich ist er ja ein Ab-Sample-Tool und außerdem gibt es noch:

WaveRobot, was ein komplette Audio-Editor ist in rot.
hier mal eine Erklärung mit etwas Werbesprech™ – aber sehr verständlich:

Die Specs und Daten dazu -> Korg Volca Sample Editor

April 2015 – Forms of Hands – Industrial / Rhythm’n’Noise Festival

Enjoy the Images of FOH 2015, Bönen, Germany.

24th – 25th April 2015
Förderturm Bönen – Germany


Ah Cama-Sotz

Ancient Methods



Maschinenkrieger Kr52 Vs. Disraptor


13Th Monkey


Illegal Trade


Sylvgheist Maëlström

Yura Yura



Angecheckt: Roland System 500, System 1m & digitale Modulserie (deutsch), Update 1.2

Ich habe mal einen Bericht zu den Roland-Modular-Sachen geschrieben.

Darin kommen Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper, Torcido – also die neuen digitalen Module vor,
das System 500, also die System 100m -artige analoge Antwort von Roland zusammen mit Malekko und
das System 1m.

Viel Spaß beim lesen. Ich stell mal die Bilder hier mit rein…

Übrigens gibt es 15 Module im Mac-Editor Aira Modular Customizer für die digitalen Module – es wird also definitiv einiges geben, was diese können werden: Das ganze ist als Audio-File auch über eine Buchse in das Modul überspielbar, also – wir haben ein kleines Nord Modular artiges System im Rechner, was die Möglichkeiten noch erweitert, was im Artikel noch nicht so genau beschrieben sondern nur angedeutet wird. Es gibt 6 virtuelle Module innerhalb eines solchen digitalen Moduls!

roland digital module editor

Preise: System 1m: 599 €,
Digitale Module 299 €

Preview: Roland System 500, System 1m & digitale Modulserie – AMAZONA.de.

System 1.2 Update:

64 Sounds (statt 8)

expanded waveforms :

Noise Saw:
A sawtooth wave with movement similar to an analog circuit.Ideal for making fat sounds.
Logic Operation:
A waveform that uses a logic circuit to combine multiple waveforms.
A frequency-modulated waveform.
FM + Sync:
Syncs a frequency-modulated waveform to the OSC pitch to produce a scale.
A waveform similar to human voice.
A metallic one-shot sound.

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