Controller Controller..

some controllers – next upcoming by Mario Jurisch – the Waldorf Nave – and just to compare it to –  the EMS iVCS3 App controlled..

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Roland Aira in a black suit

Ulrich Bielefeld (the man behind Oscillation-Rhythm)
sent these pics my way – just for those who’d like to know – how do they look like when you paint those green framing black -

So sieht es aus, wenn man die grünen Rahmen schwarz einfärbt. Danke an Ulrich für die Bilder und den Selbstversuch.

Diskutiert wurde dies und mehr  auf über 136 Seiten im Forum: Roland Aira TR-8 und Roland AIRA – TR8 – TB3 – System 1

Original look: (my shots from the Musikmesse 2014)

Added to SynthDB / UPDATE:
Dave Smith Mopho 4XMoog Sub 37Akai Rhythm Wolf Elektron Analog FourElektron Analog Key,
Aira Roland TR8 Drummachine, Roland TB3Roland System 1 Digital Synthesizer
Clavia Nord Lead A1, A1R - Synthesizer Series added with Rack
&  Akai MPX16 Sampler /  Alesis Sample Rack , Sample Pad (built 2014) – Sampler
Elektron Analog Rytm groove box with TR sequencer, Streichfett Digital Synthesizer
Sonic Potions LXR Drummachine
Mutable Shruti , Shruti XL Synth

update: MFB Dominion 1  - just type them in to check them out.Clavia Nord Lead 4, Nord Rack 4, Nord Lead 4R Digital Synthesizer <– Rack Image added, Panel image added

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Prosoniq sold to Zynaptiq / Zynaptiq kauft Prosoniq

this is the message I read this morning – the sound of Prosoniq was always unique and innovative in everything sonic – I bought the first stuff for my EPS16+ to have a lot of very new effects and later there were SonicWorx and some years ago they introduced Isolate which is amazing for extracting audio parts like trumpets from a song, remove reverb (that was possible in sonicWorx already on OS9) – so I really really hope they maintain all the older stuff and re-release everything as VST/AU.. and possibly bringt the newer stuff to life in a plug in format. did you know they had a morphing tool for audio? the rayverb for impulse response / convolution reverbs to be changed not just wet’n’dry some filtering and that’s it..


Prosoniq has been acquired by Zynaptiq in 2014. We recommend you go to the new page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zynaptiq/196159817130711 and like that page instead, as the Prosoniq FB page is no longer actively maintained. via Prosoniq.

Tja, eine meiner Lieblingsinnovatoren wurde grade gekauft von Zynaptiq. Da diese ja auch in diesem speziellen Feld unterwegs sind, hoffe ich die älteren und neues Sachen dort in einem neuen Kleid wiedersehen zu können. Das wäre super – und schade für die alten Sachen, die natürlich keine Portierung mehr auf Mavericks bekommen haben – eine Chance oder ein Tod – das weiss keiner wirklich – aber mal sehen was kommen wird..

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Amaranth Audio Cycle Waveform/Re-Synthesizer

Cycle is a new resynthesis and waveform shaping synthesizer.

resynthesis uses samples to be analyzed and played in a different way – known from Virysn Cube or Camel Audio Alchemy.

that waveform shaping thing let’s you create shapes more or less as a graphical tool for really drawing curved and hard-edged waves from sinusoidal to sawtooth

and the spectrum can be edited as well..

there’s also something that is called patch deformer with makes sort of morphing and interpolation between patches to help you being and apply darwinistic changes to your own patches.

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Acidlab Drumatix Transistor Rhythms

Acidlab did Miami Drummachine
and now upcoming – the TR606 kind of machine. Simpler  and possibly cheaper – in times of Rhythm Wolves, MFB Bears and other dangerous animals.. and there is Yocto…

Ah, ein weiterer Clone im Bereich TR-Drummachines – dieses Mal aber vom bekannten Hersteller der Miami, die gegen Yocto und andere Clones wohl die bekannteste TR808-ähnliche Maschine ist, aber es gibt ja noch Tanzbären, Rhythmuswölfe und anderes, das wird hart – jetzt aber nochmal mit der 606 und ein paar schönen Einstellmöglichkeiten für die Sounds.

orum: acidlab drumatix 606 klon

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Glitchmachines – Scope – Aalto inspired semimodular?

Glitchmachines’ Scope. has a lot of being inspired by Madrona Labs Mod-Concept – trying to make a simple structure effective as hell.
so this time it is a moog-coast (not buchla/serge west coast thing) – having 2×2 FM OSCs – stop – isn’t fm again more the other coast stuff? you are not getting what I try to tell? right – let’s forget about this categories-stuff -
in fact it has a lot of things in common with Aalto but tries to be more FM and less “buchla” but as flexible to have a fast patch cable system – it’s more than those shown here – seem like since there’s 26 modules .. so – this is not a fixed but an interchangeable customized “rack” that will do the noise..

so let’s keep an eye on the details – and there’s a list of module creators of the euro rack worlds envolved known for cool modules – so this is a try to make your euro rack be converted to the mac & pc
well – there is a bit more to it ..
in fact is is no less then a modular synth.

copy: features…

check their videos

love to see new modular synths coming up .. (like wusik 4000 and others)

btw way- noodles (self generating auto players) are intendent to be made with this as well.

  • Fully patchable modular sound generator and signal processor
  • Sample library with 1500+ modular SFX in 24bit/96khz .wav
  • 26 Modules ranging from Oscillators & Delays to LFOs & Mixers
  • Freely configurable module slots and signal flow
  • Tactile graphical patching system with virtual patch cables
  • Real-time animated audio analyzers and visualizers
  • 160 patches from 8 cutting-edge sound designers and artists
  • Cross-platform compatibility (PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit)

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