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Faderfox SC4 Sequencer / Controller + PC4 24-knob Controller

Faderfox are known for controllers of small size reminding of the MFB stuff – now they come back with a controller that can ALSO be used as a sequencer – the result reminds of the Metropolis and Ryk Sequencer for the Roland System 100m and the recent “hack” of the BCR2000 – the Zaquencer that uses the old Behringer to be used as a sequencer – but this time the concept has probability and there are repeats and group edits via 8 knobs with accents and glide .. the video also shows the controller sending CCs to a synth as a part of the sequence…
sc4 sequencer
of course it has skip, and direction commands – it’s more like controlling the structure than setting stages per step according to the Ryk – Sequencer concept..

this is NOT just a controller re-used – it is dedicated to be used as one! – can do a lot more than beatstep – and it has LEDs so it is designed to have an optical reponse and helps to find it quickly

there is also a new controller called the PC4 providing 4×6 = 24 knobs that works with iPads, Computers and USB is made for FAST assignment and – is simply small – all purpose..
pc4 controller

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Daniel Miller in the Mute Studio 2014

Daniel Miller showing Minimoog, Pro One, TR 808 / 909 and even the Anyware Tinysizer (which will be sold out these days – he’s making a new synth btw – shown on the last modular synth meeting – but not being a modular..) – well- there is more – polivoks, System 100m and SE1X along with Microwave and Matrix 1000 by Oberheim and Arp Sequencer.
I also see a Moog Minitaur..
and SSL digital console with protools – Daniel says he’s using Live with Push (for himself) .. aaand there is an EMS vocoder as well.

no, this isn’t a new video – but well – .. maybe you remember this Gearspotting: Daniel Miller, C.Kleine of Ableton and NIN Live Set + Sputnik Modular

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Interview mit Urs Heckmann / u-he

Interview mit Urs Heckmann / u-he

the synths in here are / was man im Hintergrund sieht…

left stand:
Roland Alpha Juno 2, Alpha Juno 1
Alesis Andromeda A6
Moog Memorymoog
Roland Jupiter 8

right stand:
remote key (CME, right?) or emu e4k?
Roland SH7
Yamaha CS30
Roland Juno 60
Roland Jupiter 6

right on the floor:
Formanta Polivoks

monitors: Adam, Mac Pro under the table, non-apple mouse, 1 nice guy type human

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Modulares Interface B.A. – iPad more physical

there it is – another modular knob, slider and knobs addition for iPad.
here you got a case where all controls are added to and the iPad inserted below so the display can shine through – but – well – makes everything else a bit hard to control – so it might not be a perfect solution but allows to display things..

designed by Florian Born

it looks totally cool – sort of steampunk style.. (more steampunk stuff)

check: Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad / by @BornFlo.

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B-Step Sequencer Version 2

B-Step is a Sequencer (mentioned here before) that runs on almost deny platform and now it’s going into it’s second round – version 2.


here’s the updates and there is a lot of stuff going in like “roll/flam” in another way – this time called ratcheting (the older word for playing some steps faster) has several new modes that allow song construction and complex polyrhythmic stuff.

the trick is: it is a 4 row sequencer but you can set a number of chords / scales to it and switch them in a sequence, so you have a track for controlling those sales to be switched and therefore allow more / different chord progressions – which is in fact a minimal concept with massive control structures built around it.

since this isn’t very common – check it out – it looks as a simple sequencer but can do whole songs – .. you can control it by 1-2 Launchpads (even on the tablet) and have full control during the performance..


We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of exciting stuff on top of that.

For the right groove in your set, we have added an advanced shuffle mode. Now you can add the shuffle modifications to every second 16th, 8th or 4th. You can modify the timing, velocity and duration of the notes in the shuffle grid.

Step Sequencer Chord Editor

To fill the pattern, you can use the Sequencer Ratcheting features (Step Repeats). This is ideal when you want to create drum rolls, arpeggios or experimental stuff.

Different measurements? Sure! You can reduce the pattern length down to 1/16th or increase the length by adding some Non-Linear Playback features.

Polyphony: control up to 4 synthesizers independently with one instance of B-Step. Just split it into 4 sequence groups and share the things you like between.

Scales? We have that covered also. You can fill the chords randomly with notes from scales.

And that’s only the major things! Just try it out. Download your free trial version.

- Revolutionary Sequencer Ratcheting.
– Shuffle/Swing.
– Monophon and Polyphon playback modes.
– Random chords from scales (12 scales included).
– 5×6 chords per project.
– Clean and simple user interface.
– Advanced Drag’n’Drop.
– Pattern snapshots.
– Pattern auto chaining or define sequences manual.
– Runs in background.
– Advanced pattern and sequence playback features.
– Pattern reverse playback.
– Measurements by default 4/4th (possible from 1/16th to much more than 4/4th).
– Step probability.
– Send Control and Program Changes at each step.
– Rubber tool.
– Embedded manual shortcuts.


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