Blue Lantern – Dwarf Star – analog synth

don’t know much about this – especially how it really sounds like

it appears to me like they did modules and now try the Cwejman approach – here’s a cool looking synth (that isn’t meant negatively – it may be a good start to the (semi) modular world ..?

I just post it because I kind of liked it when I saw it – it’s a classic

• 2 OSC synth with classic wave shapes for each OSC
• has 2 sub OSCs

•2 ENVs – AR plus !? which is possibly me not seeing D/S?
•multimode filter

•can do sync and since it has jacks it can do FM as well.

•time and rev cv seems like it has a CV-able Reverb and there is a •S/H unit as well, so it has quite a lot to offer.

•2 LFOs – if I am right.

1.2k Pound isn’t super cheap, but it looks like worth an ear ..

blue lantern dwarf star

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Roland Aira – analog Synth coming up – Reon in a Roland case?

Here’s a pic taken by someone at GS – on the right you see REON Synths (Driftboxes I guess). on the left is a “normal” eurorack modular system and in between – there is a Aira-Styled something that does not seem to have patch jacks but may be some sort of:

1) System 1 tech modeling which is obviously very good and could simulate System 100, 100m and 700 things – it may not provide a lot of voices but a good sound and access. there is a display and maybe patching is possible another way or it is sort of integrated.

2) it could be a more closed analog synth based on Reon
3) the new stuff that is in the JD Xi / Xa Synths

MY guess is – it’s a “repackaged” Reon – so it’s analog.
anyway it is new to me that Roland is doing this – but why not?
Reon got a full modular system, so sequencers and synth and other stuff could be in, not just the Driftbox – of course. aira mod synth

Na? was könnte das sein? Neues Aira Modular-Ähnliches Ding? Das Format ist wirklich klein, daher wird die Spekulation einige Antworten nicht ermöglichen wie Mehrstimmig-irgendwas, eher ein klar abgegrenztes sehr anzunehmen ist auch das analoge “Zeug” von Reon (das ist was ich annehme, also analog und gut – aber die Größe ist weitgehend gleich) oder aber auch anders – denn rechts sieht man die Driftbox, die es bei Roland im Vertrieb gibt und die übrigens erstaunlich gut klingt.  Das kommt dann im nächsten SynMag Ausgabe 50 (yeah!)
Im Forum wird spekuliert:  Roland Aira Modular

Hard Mod Electronics presenting (analog) Matrix Synthesizer

Hard Mod Electronics are based in Mexico and just presented some images of an upcoming new device that looks interesting made of a Matrix – shown here (delivered by Ghielmetti, CH)

they posted something about this thing coming up next – the real source synthi – sort of EMS inspired thing, so the matrix may play a role sooner or later in here.. ?


they also did a VL1 mod that looks totally nerdy and cool, like a heavily expanded synth with envelopes, echo, oscillators that are being controlled by the Casio VL.

here’s the angled MS-style panel VL1 mod..

casio vl1mod


15.-18.4.2015 – SynMag – Das Synthesizer-Magazin Stand E37 Halle 5.1 auf der Musikmesse (Frankfurt/M)

Wir sind auf der Musikmesse (also ich auch) – Halle 5.1, Stand E37
Mit ein paar Synthesizern.

Komm doch mal vorbei.



Der Lageplan (klicken für größer…)

Wie man hier sieht, hat Korg ein paar Stände gebucht (Odyssey, Korg Sample-Electribe,…) und es sieht insgesamt auch so aus, dass der Roland JD Xa (der große) dann fertig sein wird. Vielleicht gibt es ja auch noch mehr Überraschungen…

Schauen, schauen…

Vince Clarke Tuning Modules via Analogue Solutions for analog synths (eurorack)

Clarke is a new euro-rack based synth by Analogue Solutions
. and as you might know – these are branded by Vince! This is a tuning system for analog synths in 16 bit resolution which should be enough for a good V/Oct. calibration. 

teaser for upcoming videos:

Master Module for MIDI – slaves can be more than one to control one EXACT Hz/V or V/Oct. with V or S Trigger each!

watch the video above to get the idea how it works – it’s about like Volta or Expert Sleepers.. you hear the tuning and it will tune all through the frequencies and then you can have it all more perfect(ly) tuned.

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