Angecheckt: Roland System 500, System 1m & digitale Modulserie (deutsch)

Ich habe mal einen Bericht zu den Roland-Modular-Sachen geschrieben.

Darin kommen Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper, Torcido – also die neuen digitalen Module vor,
das System 500, also die System 100m -artige analoge Antwort von Roland zusammen mit Malekko und
das System 1m.

Viel Spaß beim lesen. Ich stell mal die Bilder hier mit rein…

Übrigens gibt es 15 Module im Mac-Editor Aira Modular Customizer für die digitalen Module – es wird also definitiv einiges geben, was diese können werden: Das ganze ist als Audio-File auch über eine Buchse in das Modul überspielbar, also – wir haben ein kleines Nord Modular artiges System im Rechner, was die Möglichkeiten noch erweitert, was im Artikel noch nicht so genau beschrieben sondern nur angedeutet wird. Es gibt 6 virtuelle Module innerhalb eines solchen digitalen Moduls!

roland digital module editor

Preise: System 1m: 599 €,
Digitale Module 299 €

Preview: Roland System 500, System 1m & digitale Modulserie –

Musikmesse 2015 – Overview – Übersicht

Time to switch to the Musikmesse Overview Mode.
UPDATE II – aulaost Messe – a lot of details and now smaller makers and  booths detected.. (updates are below)
ask our nerds Messe15_B_006

ok – some impression of our booth – SynMag – Das Synthesizer-Magazin – und zum Schluss noch ein paar Eindrücke vom Stand, danke fürs kommen und noch mehr wenn du jetzt ein Abo hast! Dafür machen wir uns nämlich die Mühe ;)
aber es kommen Änderungen: Q1/2, 2016 Frankfurt, Musikmesse in Zukunft kleiner

ok, switch to English now..

Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany – all is/will be listed here and may help to find your way virtually or if you stop by (and Forum discussion).

Hier gibt es diverse Musikmesse News und den Hinweis auf das Forum wo du und andere Neuigkeiten anschauen kannst, einige Sachen werden auch einen eigenen Thread im Forum bekommen..

->> Forum: Musikmesse 2015 News
Unser Stand sieht jetzt so aus: E37
SynMag Stand E37 Musikmesse
ageplan – HiRes: klicken!:


– Vermona new drum synth module


  • Roland System 1m / Roland vs Reon analog Synths (new Aira of modular Synth – yes – it’s even better – they team up with Malekko and make the System 500 – very much like a euro-rack 100m – analog modules – and :6 virtually patchable Modules inside of each of the digital Modules – there are already 15 modules like LFOs, Filters, ADSRs inside of those ready and can be sent to the modules via an audio file),
    Xi and Xa were shown the first time fully working (Xa). they do 4 voice poly analog & a milliion voices of digital OSCs at about 1.7k-1.8k€
    System 500 – System 100m Modules (analog) and 3 digital Modules as well that can be connected via UsB and routed to your likes via software/ios/android – so it’s audio and internally patchable 6-module system inside each module!
  • Yes, they release that Elka Synthex – the first batch woof crowd funding 125 models with Curtis chips (used ones, makes a total of 1000 needed for these alone) will charge 3181 USD for founders, the later ones will be sold at higher prices – it will be exactly like the original -but without tape interface but with MIDI and PSI with fan (there are better PSU’s today..) – I’d say that a new Synthex at that price is cheap! Paul Wiffen demoed it along with trying the laserharp – but without smoke it is hard to use..
    – this Synthex is not new, they will come when the funding was successful.
    $3.3k – the next 100, $3.2 of 25 sold and $8.7k for 3 of them for the dealers. I believe that might work –  funding doesn’t include TAX so add 19″ over here. So 300+100+25 makes 425 Synthexes which might be the maximum of possible sales as well?
    30 were pledged/ordered on 23.4.2015Paul Wiffen Synthex
  • Korg (maybe not so much news? but we never know, Odyssey and MS20M are known to you, right? so..)
     Electribe Sampler – Details / Manuals are up: Korg Electribe Sampler (2015) – looks like it can not do stretch parts but still can slice in a simple way like the ESX or “something” since it is just mentioned but no more than this, only 1 type of filters (hpf, lpf, bpf) – so no Emulation-Typ of Filters in the Sampler – same features as electribe 2 – so just short patterns – no song mode etc. but full dynamics and 4x paraphony means close to 4 voice polyphony per pad (still).
  • Modal has a 12 voice polyphonic rack -and also a 3 octave 8voice version called the 008! cool filters (pic coming soon, see the developers in front of it below!) – and another Paul (Maddox) is filling up the Paul’s list and Philip Taysom, the core of Modal.
    modal 008
    modal 002r
  • Modules and Stuff – a lot at Schneiders / Alex4..

– SynMag Stand E37, Halle 5.1 mit Vintage Synth Ausstellung, kommt vorbei bin auch da! 

  • more to come here soon as UPDATES mostly, not as separate Posts, older “News” can be found via the NAMM Menu on the left!PICS PICS PICS..

    you see here:

  • The Laserharp in a Box on the ground (Synthex Demo)
  • The JD Xa – can do a lot integrates analog and digital -..
  • Vermona 14 Synth – very nice envelopes and basic sound
  • Moog Modular System 35 (and 15) shown – not limited! they
  • build them and try to get them all done.
  • Roland System 1m and modules and the System 500 (100m type of) modules in a case – DO sound like the 100m – these are made and sold via Roland but are made by/with Malekko (therefore the m) – the System 1 will get 64 sounds with update (8×8)as well as the 1m which has 24bit hires mod control and all features of the system 1
  • Arp Odyssey in 70’s fake wallpaper of the 70s – a separate booth form Korg ;)
  • Electribe Sampler – does the Stretch stuff and normal sampling and re-sampling – no more stretch parts – same sequencer as elecribe 2 – it’s black! and slices are marked and organized with NAME-Slice-Number when choosing them (so it’s a longer list)
  • Waldorf Nave-Table Module and Nave plugin and new singing Attack App
  • rpe 12 sequencer at mode machines booth
  • erm midi sync allows time shifting, multiple merge and sync of multiple sources – cheaper than SND ACME4, (halb the price)
  • tuning the mellotron!
  • the iranian/persian analog synth sounded fat – not at schneiders –
  • …as well as Bastl showed the coolest wooden modular and triggering machine/booth worth a look
  • Beatstep Pro demo with a loooot of Arturia Brutes..
  • the Dev’s at Modal show off the 008 and 001 synths – very very cool timeless web browser access for non-OS-related editor functionality on any device! no problem when OS updates from apple, microsoft and iOS/android or linux were made! 008 has fast env and lfo up to audio speed, cool apf/phase Matrix 12ish filter concept – cool
  • Rudessing’ the ROLI seaboard.. ;)
  • there’s more – especially the Schneider Booth and some others..
  • note that we got the ARP Odyssey in about 15% larger than the Original at our booth – same with the MS20 ;) SynMag-Das Synthesizer-Magazin – vintage synth show – kauf das Magazin, mach ein Abo und so, sonst bist du einfach nur nicht lieb!
    Details Uploaded.
  • Flexion from Jobo is a new synth and synthesis concept, that is modulating spots in a waveform directly. You just klick on a new “handle” to be modulated by Envelopes and LFOs to get Symmetry-kind of Shaping (PWM would be an easy example), when you move on point in a SAW-kind of wave makes you able to have saw up/down ramps that form some sort of simple filtering since triangular waves do not have so many overtones as saw – but you can set as many handles as you want to – so you can create something that is beyond wavetables or standard folding or shaping synths, nevertheless it has filters and resonators (called reactor), sequencers and more flexion
  • New Modular System by EMW, quite the standard ones but a whole system – found in between of non-synth stuff at

  • The Key-Section – Mellotrons (new and old ones) and new Rhodes
  • Simple thing by Klaes (brought to me at our booth) – just to control pos/neg control voltages and count incoming triggers like setting sequencesanalog six
  • no comment ;)dj
  • Linnstrument controls Bitwig – updates done as well
  • Cool Modules found at Schneiders:

    Komplex Sequencer by Komakoma konsequencer

  • Dreadbox Synths (from Greece) – different booth.dreadbox
  • All Modal Synths can be edited via Browser – so no OS-pain in some1’s something – just open it and point at the synth’s URL (true!) – THIS is how to do a GUI – especially if you want to control a RACK appropriately and according to 2015’s..
  • want special stuff like PG200 clone for your old school JX3P?.. Mode Machines do and the old MAM ADX1 is back in another case
  • Urs explains me the secret of why Diva sounds that cool..
    (da kommt später noch was im SynMag dazu)
    urs u-he
  • Erica Synth – downstairs had a lot of modules ready, cases and tube modules in high quality design that felt right and with a special intention
    (-> that’s the LXR drum machine to the left of the modular, just in case your want to know)


  • Akai stuff that wasn’t that well commented on the web recently
    …and a Prophet 10 found in a shop (Cream Music) in Frankfurt in their showroom..
  • Squarp Pyramid Sequencer – was shown to me at the booth – interesting concept since it is not referring that much to classical concepts – and it has some special things to offer – midi and cv included! that pad is a sensitive XY-Pad! you can apply “midi fx” like arpeggiator, roll/flam with zoom into and probability function to any track – each track can have it’s own signature (!) and length (!!) – it can also handle dynamics AND accent (double click the step keys/pads) – velocity is set before to be used in the next set – so the pads are not sensitive – 700€ – seems ok for the French new super interesting euclidean sequencer.

squarp pyramid


  • breath controller (flute control fingering) and WLAN – so no cables need
    aodyo Messe15_130
  • Nerdsynth coming in 1-2 years – here’s a very very early prototype – it can do 6 tracks and control of any parameter in 6 synths – 6//4 of them can be inserted externally in a mini cartridge – SID, AY8910, OPL3 (FM Synth) and many more will be available, this proto can already do a lot but of course is a hand made thing to work with, so wait for it to come – tracker kind of sequencer (Renoise!) – was fun to be introduced to at our booth (synmag)nerdsynth
  • Laser Control by Modules – (at Roland – therefore it’s green, but can do more colours)

    we don’t know – Messe changes in 2016 to Thursday – to – Sunday for everyone (it was public day FR/SAT until now) and they want to even change the music stuff moving to another hall etc. – looks like Schneider won’t show up in 2016..
    we don’t know yet – let’s check that one up..

Modal 008 Synth (8 voice)

the original info from Modal
(so it has still some super-words in it) ;)

008 provides eight discrete voices of polyphony with an uncompromising analogue
architecture utilising the highest grade components throughout

Two 100% analogue VCO’s per voice
with two sub oscillators, providing sawtooth, triangle, square
with PWM and noise.

modal 008

Each of the waveforms can be blended together to provide
completely new complex wave shapes Innovative and

extremely flexible 16 multi-mode filter, consisting of traditional modes such as low-pass, band-pass and
high-pass as well as more unusual notch, phase and combination modes.

Filter overdrive enables the sound to be driven to sonic extremes A range of classic analogue polysynth features such as oscillator and filter FM bringing amazing sonic power

Two LFO’s, both capable of reaching audio rates with multiple wave
shapes and midi sync
11 modulation sources with unlimited destinations. Each destination can be set it’s own unique depth, a super smooth sample rate of 10kHz and all accessible from the front panel – no menu diving 008 features a range of sequencing options

– a built in 2 Track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with
16 dedicated step time editing knobs on the front panel and MIDI sync capabilities. Sequences can also be transposed dynamically while running

A very highly featured arpeggiator with a wide range of different modes, including ‘hold’ mode, enabling arpeggiator-based sequences to be created The Modal Electronics Animator, which enables any control parameter on the 008 to be sequenced, enabling very complex filter transisitions, wave form changes and
modulation matrix changes to be sequenced Ethernet port to connect your 008 to your network and enable updates via the internet (no more midi sysex dumps) and access to the Modal Electronics cloud features

Two part multi-timbral (bi timbral) allowing splits across the keyboard or stacks to create amazingly complex sounds Superb UI, a great departure from the norm of synthesisers, featuring a very high quality 4.3? screen with wide viewing angle, display is context sensitive where the control parameters of any control knob that is touched by the user, is immediately displayed Eight

recall banks’ are accessible directly from the front panel, enabling performing musicians to get rid of their set sheets and build set lists of presets, sequences and animations, all quickly accessible from dedicated front panel buttons. Up to ten banks of quick recalls can be created, making live performance a doddle Ultra fast (1ms) VCF and VCA envelope generators. VCF-EG is one of the 11 modulation sources that can be freely assigned to any parameter by it’s own unique amount Four Key Modes – Polyphonic, Monophonic, Unison and Stack Very high quality construction, uses a premium FATAR semi-weighted five octave key mechanism with aftertouch All voice control parameters are accessible from a well designed and intuitive front panel, that follows a traditional synthesiser work flow Combined XLR/TRS sockets for balanced / unbalanced outputs.

each of the eight outputs can be brought out individually via a dedicated d-sub socket. Optional Digital Output board providing multi voice outputs over USB (Class Compliant) with FX available Q2 2015. Two audio inputs enabling audio processing from the VCF onwards plus external MIDI in and out XY joystick and
Sustain and Expression pedal inputs for performance controls – any control parameter can be assigned to any joystick axis (X+, X-, Y+, Y-) by pressing the dedicated front panel selector button


Forum; Neuer Analoger von Modal: Modal 008 / 002R Rack

Modal 002 Rack 12voice Synth

the full official info is out
BRISTOL, UK: breakthrough British electronic musical instruments manufacturer Modal Electronics is proud to present 002R, responding positively to numerous requests for a ‘non-keyboard’ form factor 002 version of its high-flying, highly-specified super-synth, and representing the second of three new ‘numerical’ products that it is simultaneously showcasing at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany…
modal 002r
All three of these new synthesisers share the OS (Operating System) common to 002, so speed of development is now rapidly accelerating. Amazingly, within mere months of 002 taking the synth world by storm at the time of its July 2014 launch, then turning heads and opening ears at The NAMM Show 2015, January 22-15, in Anaheim, California, today’s amazing announcement — after all, no other synthesiser manufacturer has delivered such a diverse range of cutting-edge instruments in less than a year — coincides with Modal Electronics experiencing rapid growth, establishing a growing global network of authorised dealers while expanding its home-grown talented team by hiring some of the most brilliant (synth design) minds in the UK.

Who better to formally introduce 002R, then, than one of the most brilliant synth design minds in the UK — Modal Electronics co-founder and Director Paul Maddox: “002R was designed to address two issues — firstly, studios and musicians who may not necessarily have room for a full-sized 002; secondly, several customers have requested an expander for 002 to increase polyphony count, especially when used in multitimbral mode which comes with OS 7.25.”

Flying in the face of desktop synth mania, Modal Electronics opted to take the power and flexibility of 002 and — after an astronomical amount of design work — repackage it into an industry-standard 3U rack-mountable form factor. Why? Well, simply speaking, there’s too much ‘technology’ inside 002 — no fewer than 11 circuit boards! — to make a desktop version. The very nature of discrete analogue circuitry simply wouldn’t allow for it, in other words.
When designing 002R, Modal Electronics decided to make it available in two versions — 002R(12), providing the full 12 voices of 002, and 002R(8), providing eight voices of 002 sound — perfect for those on a tighter budget, or perhaps wanting it to act as an eight-voice expander for an existing 002. Either way, both versions are fully patch compatible with 002, offering all of its fanciful features — not least an amazing analogue/digital hybrid voice architecture with either eight or 12 voices of polyphony (up to 12-part polyphonic). Voices can be played in unison or ‘stacked’ for more complex timbres. The Animator allows for monumental modulation flexibility, bringing 12 animated ‘rows’ of parameter sequencing into productive play. Speaking of sequencing, the onboard Sequencer supplies two tracks of 32 steps, each with up to 12 notes/parameters, providing polyphonic part playback. Performance-wise, an advanced Arpeggiator abounds with multiple modes and features to musically die for.
Front panel access to all the key features needed for studio and live usage are all present and accounted for — for example, Quick Recall of preferred presets and instant part Select (in multitimbral mode). Modal Electronics’ proprietary Quick Navigate functions allow any edit page, parameter on a page, and associated values to be instantly edited using the three ‘macro’ keys.
Key to accessing the underlying power of 002R really becomes readily apparent, however, when using the Modal Web interface… use any HTML5-compatible web browser — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, et al — on any platform that supports a browser — desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet — for full control and editing of 001R’s functions via its Ethernet connection… no need for a plug-in! Indeed, Internet- connectivity for straightforward software updates is a breeze, as will be accessing additional features from Modal Cloud — coming later this summer. So watch this space…
Featuring the same high-quality constructed chassis as its keyboard-based brother, 002, 002R also includes a back panel-positioned expansion slot — for forthcoming fanciful digital expansion card accommodation, providing two channels of 24-bit/192kHz Audio Out(put) over USB into its user’s favourite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Again, as is the case with both 002 and its Musikmesse 2015-announced smaller sibling, 001, 002R includes an internal, worldwide — 60 Watts | 100 – 240V | 50 – 60Hz — auto-sensing Power supply with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) mains inlet — no wobbly ‘wall wart’ hiding here, thanks very much!
Modal Electronics’ one and only 002R will be being demoed and displayed in Hall 5.1, Stand A76 at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany. Get down there today and come check it out! We would welcome making your musical acquaintance, whether your super-synth preference remains racked or otherwise. Either way, Modal Electronics’ British-built synthesisers will surely rock your musical world.
002R is scheduled to ship in late-May 2015. Available through Modal Electronics’ growing global network of authorised dealers, its retail price will start at £1,795.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£2,154.00 GBP (including VAT); €2,395.00 EUR (plus VAT — varying rates throughout Europe); and $2,595.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable) for the 002R(8) eight-voice version. Likewise, the 12- voice version, 002R(12), will be also available in late-May 2015, retailing at £1,995.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£2,394.00 GBP (including VAT); €2,595.00 EUR (plus VAT — varying rates throughout Europe); and $2,995.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable). Alternatively, 002R(8) can be expanded to a full 12-voices at a later date for £329.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£395.00 GBP (including VAT); €449.00 EUR (plus VAT — varying rates throughout Europe); and $495.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable).
For more in-depth information about 002R, please visit the Modal Electronics website:

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