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this little article about a very Volca’istic Moog Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer Coming To Moogfest feels a bit strange but why not making your own gadget at a festival – don’t know if it’s true or not but the name is nice ;)

it’s not much more than one AD Envelope (with sustain), one simple OSC with PWM and Pulse/Saw Waveforms, low pass filter and a least an LFO with 2 wave shapes and a simple “keyboard” at the bottom (buttons) – since the label is Analog Synth / Moogfest 2014 – it seems to be getting no final product to everyone …

note those output connectors? Looks like the patch field of the Tinysizer

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Pyro Board: 2D Rubens Tube – fire “LEDs”

this pyro board creates fire from sounds, the higher the amplitude, the more fire. so check out which frequencies result in what…
and Musik works, too. Creates Fire & Light FX.

Fysikshow: http://bit.ly/Fysikshow

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Time to check out some regular Pop Music. Sohn / Thomas Azier.

these to come in very poppy, but might touch you here or there enough
this one is more straight forward indie-pop kind of approach but doesn’t look like black clothing -


what might have happened if James Blake was a bit more keen on landing on the charts planet for a short while?

Sohn has landed here in cologne and I just missed his gig ;( so why not just post it here. the album is called tremors worth a listen. soft voice, almost electronic kind of feeling but not as electronic as the Human Leagues and Depeche Modes in the 80′s.

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Audiowerkstatt – MIDI Restarter

like to jam live?

This little tool by audiowerkstatt is one of a series of little MIDI helpers – it allows to restart any MIDI slave machine without stopping the master – this may be helpful in a MIDI-coupled jam situation or just in case your list set goes wild..


Jamst du viel mit diversen Sequenzen oder mit anderen?

Dieser kleine MIDI-Helfer hilft einen der MIDI Slaves auch mitten in einem Jam mit MIDI-Verbund ohne stoppen des Masters fließend ohne stoppen des Masters weiter machen zu können.


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Controller Controller..

some controllers – next upcoming by Mario Jurisch – the Waldorf Nave – and just to compare it to –  the EMS iVCS3 App controlled..

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Roland Aira in a black suit

Ulrich Bielefeld (the man behind Oscillation-Rhythm)
sent these pics my way – just for those who’d like to know – how do they look like when you paint those green framing black -

So sieht es aus, wenn man die grünen Rahmen schwarz einfärbt. Danke an Ulrich für die Bilder und den Selbstversuch.

Diskutiert wurde dies und mehr  auf über 136 Seiten im Forum: Roland Aira TR-8 und Roland AIRA – TR8 – TB3 – System 1

Original look: (my shots from the Musikmesse 2014)

Added to SynthDB / UPDATE:
Dave Smith Mopho 4XMoog Sub 37Akai Rhythm Wolf Elektron Analog FourElektron Analog Key,
Aira Roland TR8 Drummachine, Roland TB3Roland System 1 Digital Synthesizer
Clavia Nord Lead A1, A1R - Synthesizer Series added with Rack
&  Akai MPX16 Sampler /  Alesis Sample Rack , Sample Pad (built 2014) – Sampler
Elektron Analog Rytm groove box with TR sequencer, Streichfett Digital Synthesizer
Sonic Potions LXR Drummachine
Mutable Shruti , Shruti XL Synth

update: MFB Dominion 1  - just type them in to check them out.Clavia Nord Lead 4, Nord Rack 4, Nord Lead 4R Digital Synthesizer <– Rack Image added, Panel image added

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