Futuresonus Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Parva is an
8 voice
3 DCO analog synth
2x 12dB/Oct. Multimode Filters make 24dB/Oct possible
4x LFO
Class Compliant USB – to be used on any dev like iPads (!) – because you don’t need drivers!

parva synthesizer

4 OLED Display next to controls
from Austin Texas, USA
about $1000
mono version $500


Der Parva ist ein interessanter Desktop-Synth mit 8 Stimmen und 3 DCOs – Forum für $1k – der auch USB MIDI Class Compliant ist, damit also auch an jedes iPad passt ohne Treiber: Futuresonus PARVA – Synthesizer

Expert Sleepers – USB Controllers to generate CV and being used as a sequencer

Expert Sleepers new Module LH1 takes USB Controllers – so this is a host for any Controller to be used to generate CVs and gates for

  • polyphonic triggering
  • generating LFOs on any target (as a usecase) by knob turns
  • building a sequencer that is controlled via standard controllers like the Launchpad Control by Novation
  • all pots, faders, knobs just can be used to generate CV


UPDATED – last: 25.1. 19:30 (also updated most of these posts:)
most important things from NAMM in one – OVERVIEW 
– die wichtigsten Sachen von der NAMM

  1. Waldorf Wavetable Module (Eurorack), Attack App, Nave Plugin
  2. Moog Modular limited edition System 15-55 – Minimoog? coming?
  3. Roland JD Xi + JD Xa – analog + digital crossover synths + TR sequencer inside!
  4. Korg MS20M with FM, Sync, PWM and flat desktop design + SQ1 sequencer
  5. Sequential Prophet 6 (yes it is labelled Sequential, not Dave Smith who is still the distributor) + DSI Modules (Character and OSCs, Filters) -> Eurorack
  6. Korg Odyssey – 3x “Karp” – 3 filter modi, drive & portamento switch -> 3/4 the size or original.
  7. Tom Oberheim goes Modular SEM and Phaser Modules (Eurorack)
  8. Arturia Audiointerface
    +  Beatstep Pro –  4 CV/ 10 Gate Sequencer
  9. Vermona “14″ Analog MonoSynth
  10. MIDI HD – the new standard for MIDI
  11. Koma modules “Poltergeist” / Komplex Sequencer 7U
  12. Make Noise+ Hex Inverter –  Modules
  13. Radikal (the Spectralis Guy) Module (dual filter, eurorack)
  14. Doepfer Module / Trigger Sequencer
  15. Casio XW PD1 FX Groovebox / FX machine
  16. Jomox Rackonizer (Eurorack)
  17. Verbos did a cool Touch-Keyboard and Filter is ready – in one box it all looks like very “on stage”
  18. Akai Timbre Wolf 4voice analog synth + Tom Cat Drummachine + the Wombat fake
  19. Logic 10.1 – update
  20. Casio CZ App
  21. Roland Aira MX – interesting Mix concept for automation of everything / FX.
  22. Roland Promars Plugout for System 1
  23. 303style expanded sequencer Social Entropy
  24. Expert Sleepers USB Host for Controllers controls Sequencer, generates CV, polyphonic CV  + Usamo stable timing to MIDI output
  25. Nord Electro 5
  26. the evil has landed:
    Die Musotalk-Livesendung zur NAMM
    (german talk about NAMM)
    -Wir sprechen über die NAMM Neuheiten Teil 2:

    Teil 1 – ohne mich aber wird vollständiger dadurch:

    *Musotalk kommt normalerweise 12:00 Donnerstags live mit Chat

  27. Feedback:
    Forum: Tops Flops – NAMM 2015
    Forum: Nach der NAMM: wer kauft nun was genau?

furthermore / und weiter gab es noch:

  • Novation Launchpad Pro – Multicolour Launchpad -> Video – sort of Push Mini
  • Elektron Overbridge (video) – integrates all audio and MIDI, sync to any Elektron Machine – use analog filters etc as plugin on a DAW – quite a bit like Roland MX but with Software FOR analog devices
  • Moog Sub37 Update (12min video) in Feb.: Mod Parameters can be set by “touching” them instead of searching it in the menu! Sequencer updated: step seen at LED running through button LEDs, quick Sequence Select, Rotation, Swing, LFO Swing, Seq back&forth etc. as well, CV to MIDI / CV to Trigger, instant-rec-play (live sequencing)
  • “Free” Pro Tools called Pro Tools | First (<– video)  – what could be in and what might not be in? CDM found out:
    “16 mono or stereo audio tracks16 Instrument Tracks16 MIDI tracks4 simultaneous audio inputs, maxNo videoOffline bounce, but limited export/interchange apart from audio bounceLoop recording, but many of the advanced edit tools are missing, including punch and automationMore restricted instrument/effect suite, though you still get the Xpand!2 instrument and some effects” 

    -> But – you are in the cloud and can only save some songs in the cloud – after that you need to buy things – so in fact it is a demo, not free!

  • Keith McMillen K-Mix Audio-Interface (USB) PDF/Info and Mixer / Controller (known from Qunexus etc) with 8ins/8outs with cool 3D Controllers for multichannel routing (!) -> Forum & Video K-Mix
  • nice images: Modules Modules Modules
  • Omnisphere 2 is out.
  • Yamaha AN1X App & their future..
  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (2x) - mentioned before NAMM – final Design looks like this.
  • Morphing Sounds – Morph by Prosoniq now @Zynaptic -rottened Rottweiler becoming a Borg

Post NAMM Info:
What ppl clicked most: Roland & Waldorfs “Navetable”-Synth – stats from sun 25th.Jan 2015: 19:10 euro time. First 2 items a lot more than others. I wonder why the Prophet 6 isn’t amongst the first 6 (yet?) – maybe because it was announced later then others?

Teenage Engineering – Pocket Operator – when I press a special key it plays a little.. – Final Desgin

this is the final design of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (PO) – which I mentioned here - at that time $50 .. this time? not yet known. – sequencer – synth in one classic design – like VL1 update of today and can do more than it looks like..




Teenage Engineering PO

Kraftwerk – 2015 Controller Check

Ok, let’s check again what Kraftwerk are using on stage – since the last tour (the controller leak was posted in the forum as well) –

Better Images where you can see the Creamware Synth etc are @ the Forum Kraftwerk III

controlling the visuals – searching for something?
everyone has a touch screen and this guy was the only one who had a Mac on stage (Kraftwerk are “Anti-Apple” ever since)  on that museum tour showing all their albums as one event (I was at TEE) – here’s touchpads also there is the shuttle pro on top and a track ball – almost classic for visual timeline control etc. – the one on the bottom is much like a Keith McMillen Quneo controller because that’s what it is ;)
the new guy
well – he’s going back to some control surface – possibly changed the scheme or preset – controlling visuals – I assume.

“Ralf” – playing melodies and vocoder chords aided by some screens. playing a Creamware Minimax , ASB Digital Synthesizer – check the Forum images to have a better view/more details. so it’s unique to see hardware synths again at their show. Since Kraftwerk were Odyssey users maybe it’s Oddity 2 vs. Korg Odyssey they might use — but seems like they– especially “the player” Ralf has always been a Moog guy. ralf

“Henning” – simple controller, a Numark Orbit controller with accelerometer, Novation Remote SL Mk2 Zero and large screen. 2 special (possibly hand made) controllers – do I see the ribbon controller from doepfer here as well?

“Fritz” – that tab is running Lemur for control stuff, NI Maschine (as a controller and pads for triggering samples) and some smaller stuff plus large touch screen and keyboard. and doepfer R2M ribbon controller. some special custom made faders and knobs (or do you know that controller)..fritz

Sooner or later this video might be deleted – http://youtu.be/b16s210t0pk
that software is … what?software

Und? Jemand Lust auf eine etwas haarige Diskussion Polarisierer: Kraftwerk III

Yamaha AN1X-like App (AN2015) with Synth Book of History

Yamaha wasn’t presenting any synth at NAMM but they put up a nice history page –
but there’s a little 8 voice synth in it near the AN1x Digital Synthesizer but not exactly IT plus drums – called SynthBook and within the iOS App it’s called AN2015 running on iPhones..
here’s what you can do – see the tabs? it’s quite capable of a lot of synthesis.
yamaha an2015 synth

and there is plenty of cool things up on their site on history..
as a user of FM synths I enjoyed the programmers they created for editing the first FM prototype – the GS1 .. so in fact they did programmers first that look like very useful:

my info about Yamahas Synths – and a detailed view on all the FM synth generations.
The GS1 is shown here (I did not add the GS series to the SynthDB yet, but will do!)

A users render about Yamahas future – do you think they do this kind of effort without bringing new synths somewhere sooner/later?

• Hier ein wenig über die App im Forum • AN1X App für nix von Yamaha zum 40..
• und Was ist denn mit Yamaha?

Tom Oberheim going modular (Eurorack Format)

yes, Tom Oberheim is now doing modular – the first module you can get is of course the SEM (theTwoVoice, TVS1, 2Voice subtractive,analog synth has been presented as well – see below)
and a
– Multimode Stereo Phaser (with LFO)
these are not just “repackaged” there are some features – like VCA’s and that makes waveform blending possible.oberheim phaser eurorack oberheim module

Ja, Herr Oberheim macht jetzt auch Eurorack-Module
Tom Oberheim goes Eurorack?

you can save your sequences on the Oberheim 2 Voice – or to be exact: it is Tom Oberheim..

und der Oberheim 2voice ist da mit speicherbarem Sequencer – (nicht billig $3495)

Sequential (Dave Smith) Prophet 6 – very Prophet 5’ish Synth

it’s a lot like the 1x Multi Timbral, 5 Voice, (1978)  
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer but with some additions. -> bold – what is different to the P5
Sequential prophet 6 synthesizer

2 VCOs- morphable wave shapes – PWM – Sync, 6 voices
Triangle Sub Generator
Slope for “analog” detuning
low & high pass filter
velocity / env
classic 2x ADSR
LFO with ext. clock sync
64 step polyphonic sequencer !!
500 patches
2 FX incl Delay.
more displays…
note: it has 4 instead of 5 octaves – so it is smaller than the P5

Noise seems not to be a modulation source (means: there is a noise generator but not as a mod source)

note: the filters are “new!” the oscs are new! so it isn’t just like the others – so it also sounds different from previous DSI synths with easy user interface

the best video I found which is deeper is this

some more

This synth has analog oscillators, it is therefore closer to the Prophet 08, but it has different filters, that have been developed with the Pro 2, so it is also a different sound to both for different reasons). Dave says it is not the same but more modern and – it has a real easy-to-understand user interface – which is obviously true.
so the Prophet 6 is not cannibalizing DSI (which is the distribution with this synth, still) especially thinking of the P08 it has FM like the P5 had and a different sound.

and yes – Sequential is back without Circuits a new page as well.
…from Yamaha. Here’s the “Sequential Statement” – since Yamaha doesn’t do synths that much these days so Dave is been given the name back! congrats! To me it’s like when Bob Moog got his name back, so we’re waiting for Tom to call his machines Oberheim again (not Tom Oberheim).

und ja: Dave hat was zum freuen Neues von Dave Smith // SCI Prophet 6 (nicht DSI)

Arturia Beatstep Pro Sequencer + Audio Fuse

Beatstep Pro is not a fake – it’s a 64step sequencer.

beatstep pro con beatstep pro

clock: analog in/out
MIDI in/out
16 step buttons
pressure sens.vel. pads
8 gate outs (!)
2 channels -> pitch – gate – velocity (6 jacks)
note tie, 16x 2 sequences, 16 drum sequences (gates), 10Volts max., P: 250€
class compliant (MIDI for iPad)
info pdf

sonicstate: image of audio fuse, audio interface mentioned in this teaser video:


192khz sampling rate,
route to 2 speakers (a/b)
4 analog in –  ADAT in/out ports –> 14 in/out
USB Hub Ports
MIDI in/out
special functions to bring iPads and Computer together but still it looks a bit confusing..
€549 / $599.
and little case that makes it look like a Mac Mini ;)

audio fuse

nice joke the Polybrute

Polyphonic Analog Synth by Arturia.
4 octave keys
dual OSC from the microbrute

not confirmed yet – it could still be a fake – to me it is very much pixel-generated. and posted in 2014. hmm – doesn’t look like it is real for me things not proper – check yourself:

via Forum: NAMM – Arturia …


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