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Voice Coder = Vocoder – analyses frequency ranges from the original and transforms it to another frequency section

Note: Kraftwerk used a machine called Votrax (Siemens), its a phonetic Generator, so it is NO Vocoder.. but of course they also used vocoders (a lot)..
Homer Dudleys VODER is one of the first made (late 1930ies/ very early 1940s)
(the vocoder was invented for the war (again) to encode and decode spoken messages..)

some models..
more about vocoders and what they do.. below..
Korg VC10 1978/79 – 8 band, not routeable, (D) nicht routbar
Korg VC10 Vocoder
Korg vc10 vocoder .. eg used by Cabaret Voltaire..

EMS Vocoder 3000 – route-able, 16 band – hi-end!..
and the big one: EMS vocoder 5000.

EMS Vocoder

Doepfer Vocoder from the A100 System, routeable, (13+2) bands

MAM VF11 (new one)

Moog Vocoder, routeable, modular, lots of bands
Moog Vocoder
click to enlarge moog vocoder..

and a slightly bigger modular one (2 made)
Moog Modular Vocoder
click to enlarge moog modular vocoder..

Analog Lab Vocoder
(new, from france, 32 band vocoder but not routable, hi quality – (D) neu, aber gut aus F, 32 band, nicht routbar)
Analog Lab from france, 32 bands with LFO
not too many controls but very good sound quality!

very hi-end vocoder (32bands)
analog lab vocoder
enlarge vocoder? click on the pic..

Paia Vocoder:

Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus 1980 *
Roland vp330 vocoder
click to enlarge vp330

and SVC350 on top of this rack:

click to enlarge..
# Roland SPV-355 (no pic)

Electro Harmonix Vocoder
Electro Harmonix Vocoder
click to enlarge..

Dynacord SRV66 Vocoder

Sennheiser VSM201
a picture from my site, click here…jpg

Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201
made in 1978
this is a luxury 20bands vocoder
fully analogue
of course only the „creme de la creme“ used THIS, because it is really not cheap.. kraftwerk!manual can be found here.
as you can see: you can assign all bands freely and tune it!!
the „voice coder = vocoder“ is not only for „robotic“ voices like kraftwerk did. It’s also interesting for rhythmic sound sources.

you won’t worry about speech clearness anymore..
the vocoder was first a military device to encode speech signals.. but now „human kind“ uses vocoders for music! also a good thing!

–> all pics are much larger! just klick them to see them enlarged..

Sennheiser Vococer VSM201
Sennheiser Vococer VSM201
vsm201 frequency response


Electronica EM-26

..more to come..

(D) vocoder, wie er funktioniert..
grundlagen dazu: vocoder funktion

lots of audio demos here:

another vocoder page

list of all polyphonic real analog synthesizers?

re-compiled by synthesizerforum

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