Native-Instruments Komplete-12 macOS Softsynth Windows 

NI Komplete 12 – Massive X, Drumsynth/Basssynth, Kontakt 6 etc.

Native Instruments bringen offenbar sehr bald ein Update für Komplete mit der Nummer 12 – darin sind einige neue Dinge, speziell zB der TRK01, eine Art Bassdrum Synth und Bassline Synth mit Sampling. NI will put out Komplete 12 with a new Sampler Kontakt 6, a Bassdrum-Synth with Bassline and Sequencer called TRK01 and new FX. along with new and more Maschine integration.. Besonders neu sind Massive X, Kontakt 6, neue Effekte und ein Annähern von Maschine und Komplete/Plugin Paket. KOMPLETE 12 – Content: Virtual Instruments Massive X Synthesizer Kontakt…

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NI Reaktor 6 coming with new „analog style“ modules (blocks)

soon to be there – new redesigned Reaktor 6 offers a new level of modules with graphical interface called „blocks“. it will still be panel and cables being connected on another panel – but they look a lot more like „analog“ modules and eurorack kind of shapes. there will be more than this – under the hood – and it will be 200€ new – 99€ update (which is a lot less than before) note – these modules are already higher end kind of sound – since they are not…

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