NI Reaktor 6 coming with new „analog style“ modules (blocks)

soon to be there – new redesigned Reaktor 6
offers a new level of modules with graphical interface called „blocks“.

Reaktor 6

it will still be panel and cables being connected on another panel – but they look a lot more like „analog“ modules and eurorack kind of shapes. there will be more than this – under the hood – and it will be 200€ new – 99€ update (which is a lot less than before)

note – these modules are already higher end kind of sound – since they are not just redesigned non-core-modules – it’s a new layer for everyone from the analog way of thinking modular. and it looks pretty petty does it?

Reaktor 6 - The Sound Of Blocks | Native Instruments


Neuer Reaktor – hübscher und einfacher in der Bedienung mit neuem Bereich „Blocks“ von analogen Modulen inspirierter neuer Teil und per Drag & Drop lassen sich Samples in den neuen Sampler / Granular-Modulbereich einschieben. Besseres Handling für 99€, bzw. 199€ für Neulinge. Fair, weil aufwendig. Ein Modul heißt Paul – schon allein deshalb ist das gut.. ;) Vielleicht ist es ja Paul von Schneidersbüro (Hallo Paul auf dem Wege).

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-09 um 15.40.23


und ich hab‘ noch das: Native Instruments Reaktor 6 mit neuen “Blocks” in die Modularwelt

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3 Thoughts to “NI Reaktor 6 coming with new „analog style“ modules (blocks)”

  1. Bill

    Did the update for $$99.00, and it works fine on my laptop….I’ve been a Reaktor user for a long time….the sound is great….my studio is mostly analog modular…and Blocks sounds great with it…

    1. to me this is alot more easy to just create a GOOD SOUNDING set with some blocks rather than finding out how to make a nice saturation on core level (which isn’t bad at all but harder to do).

      and yes – I also like to have the pure structure without beefed up analog’ism – but in fact it’s mostly sounding better, still so ..

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