arpbud Arpeggiator App 

Arpbud – Endlos erweiterbar – Sequencer/Arpeggiator iOS

Arpeggiator und Step Sequencer für so viele Steps wie man benötigt? Sowas gibt es so noch nicht und kann über Audiobus alle Synthesizer und AUs erreichen innerhalb des iPads (oder iPhones). ArpBud – MIDI Sequencer & More – Cem Olcay This is a simple Arpeggiator that works via Audiobus and controls any Synth or AU Synth within the iPad / iPhone. the number of Steps is unlimited and it’s just that – so if your synth is missing an ARPer – here it is. 2,29€

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Dual Arturia Microbrute/Minibrute Mod + Microbrute SE recolored – Microbrute SE with Sequencer

1 you can modify the Minibrute to get a Sequencer instead of an Arpeggiator like the Minibrute SE <– click this for more / it’s silver but same specs as the normal MB. –> Arturia Minibrute Sysex um ARP zu Sequencer zu machen. Other Arturia Brute MODs: the Forum • Arturia Microbrute. shows some radical mod – the keys removed on the Minibrute and the Microbrute added as a „controller“ for them all.. and: there will be a Microbrute SE in Grenoble – but some things seem to be wrong or messed up, so.. something is coming,…

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Mattomat Arpeggiator for Creamware / SonicCore Scope / Xcite

Mattomat is a new Arpeggiator that takes advantage of some step-sequencer features (32 step) and change controllers and velocity very musically. Matthias asked me also what the „electro“ people might like so I was well aware of it to come to life sooner or later, the circular 32 step design isn’t the only good thing, it’s about details, so here’s the first 2 video tutorials what it is all about.. the coder is Thomas Gost, a very quick intro (this video can not be embedded, so this is just a link) –…

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