Dual Arturia Microbrute/Minibrute Mod + Microbrute SE recolored – Microbrute SE with Sequencer

1 you can modify the Minibrute to get a Sequencer instead of an Arpeggiator like the Minibrute SE <– click this for more / it’s silver but same specs as the normal MB.

–> Arturia Minibrute Sysex um ARP zu Sequencer zu machen.

Other Arturia Brute MODs:
the Forum • Arturia Microbrute. shows some radical mod – the keys removed on the Minibrute and the Microbrute added as a „controller“ for them all..


and: there will be a Microbrute SE in Grenoble – but some things seem to be wrong or messed up, so.. something is coming, check the news soon: recoloured: white, yellow’ish, or turquise – like the SH101 but more.. „öko“ as we say over here.


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