Native-Instruments Komplete-12 macOS Softsynth Windows 

NI Komplete 12 – Massive X, Drumsynth/Basssynth, Kontakt 6 etc.

Native Instruments bringen offenbar sehr bald ein Update für Komplete mit der Nummer 12 – darin sind einige neue Dinge, speziell zB der TRK01, eine Art Bassdrum Synth und Bassline Synth mit Sampling. NI will put out Komplete 12 with a new Sampler Kontakt 6, a Bassdrum-Synth with Bassline and Sequencer called TRK01 and new FX. along with new and more Maschine integration.. Besonders neu sind Massive X, Kontakt 6, neue Effekte und ein Annähern von Maschine und Komplete/Plugin Paket. KOMPLETE 12 – Content: Virtual Instruments Massive X Synthesizer Kontakt…

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FX/Studio macOS Windows 

Time Exile’s Flesh – (Reaktor 6 Tool)

Reaktor 6 (which I do not own, still) had a lot of improvements to all the libraries, the Core and the new blocks – but there is a new ensemble which was made by IDM/Glitch Artist Tim Exile – he was one of those ppl I learned about when NI’s page was a load if interesting stuff, artists and people – long time ago. so here’s flesh as a sample mangler (field recording) FLESH – Inspired by sound | Native InstrumentsDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen it processes looks that make…

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Controller Synth 

Nonlinear Labs – Stephan Schmitt (NI Founder) tours through the new concept

as you might have read and seen – Stephan Schmitt, who founded Native Instruments and is still a holder has been busy building a new interface with hardware – it is (and has) a Fatar keyboard and wooden parts coming from italy put together in a case and consists of buttons that can be relabelled just by simple paper strips (not displays) – so you just hit a button of the desired parameter and edit it – it will be displayed and shown – and can be changed by a large…

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NonLinear Labs – Kontour + upcoming hardware synth / concept

NONLINEAR LABS is the company of NI founder Stephan Schmitt. I first recognized one of „their“ new hardware based approaches to things like Reaktor. And Stephan writes, that he is still a share holder of NI. Well I don’t own Komplete 10, there are some new synths in it – Kontour being one of it (so can’t tell about details so far). It’s looks appear to be an easy to use but non boring synth because the comb filter is outlined as a module as well as 2 envelopes with 6…

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NI Komplete 9 + Battery 4

beside the „revolution“ analog sounding something coming up there will be 2 more things.. Komplete 9 – new in here (compared to Komplete 8): MONARK synth (analog modeling „minimoog style“) BATTERY 4 drum sample player THE GIANT piano SOLID EQ SOLID BUS COMP SOLID DYNAMICS -> studio fx SESSION STRINGS -> string library Battery 4 – just an ad, no real content in here.. time stretching and optimized workflow – ..

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Maschine 1.8 is ready for download

I also received another Massive License with the info – nice. The 1.8 Update was announced already and the new colour Maschine Controllers as well for today: This service is temporarily not available. Please try again later.  and yes, the Service Center Software is quite slow right now, lots of downloads this time, so expect to have some time & patience today..   Per Mail kam der Massive Code, die Server sind ziemlich überlastet, aber mit etwas Geduld müsste es klappen, ich habe mind 2 Service Centers installiert. Also mal…

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