Maschine 1.8 is ready for download

I also received another Massive License with the info – nice. The 1.8 Update was announced already and the new colour Maschine Controllers as well
for today: This service is temporarily not available. Please try again later. 

and yes, the Service Center Software is quite slow right now, lots of downloads this time, so expect to have some time & patience today..


Per Mail kam der Massive Code, die Server sind ziemlich überlastet, aber mit etwas Geduld müsste es klappen, ich habe mind 2 Service Centers installiert.
Also mal probieren. Forum: Maschine 1.8 da

Bei mir steht: Alle Produkte sind auf dem neuesten Stand, angezeigt werden nur alte Soft. Da stimmt also was nicht. Maschine taucht nicht auf und Komplete auch nur das alte. Also, warten…


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  1. […] the most important and critical thing is the way how to input dynamic drums and melodies – most of those solutions just work with with accent which isn’t for todays music, so watch this to have the picture of what may come – looks good. and always compare with NI Maschine […]

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