SequencerTalk 105 Hands On Synth 

SequencerTalk 105 – Hands on Prophecy 1.5 HW/SW, 1010Music Black/Bluebox, Norand Updates – Neuigkeiten

Korg Prophecy 1.5 Update- klingt besser! und: SequencerTalk 105 – Hands On – Prophecy Hardware vs Software, Blue/Blackbox Live Update, Norand News, Akai AX73 Software Martinic, Signal State Modular Game, Solorack Modular und Talkthemen: iPads & Michpultgedanken

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Korg Z1, Prophecy, Oasys

KORG MOSS + OASYS SYNTHESIZER / sound card Korg Prophecy – Korg Z1 – Wavedrum PROPHECY / (Z1 scroll down) pic above: thanks to rob schweizer! this is one of the first synths,that had several OSC models on board.. and even feedbackable filters! VPM (FM), pm (physical models), sync, waveshaping,comb filters that alled to „morph“ from noise to some waveform etc.. lots of ENVs (4) and FILTERs!. and LFOs!! (went up to 40hz!) midi syncable. more to come.. interesting ARP’er! very cool: the ribbon/wheel combination allowed perfect control of the…

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