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Nonlinear Labs – Stephan Schmitt (NI Founder) tours through the new concept

as you might have read and seen – Stephan Schmitt, who founded Native Instruments and is still a holder has been busy building a new interface with hardware

nonlinear labs
– it is (and has) a Fatar keyboard and wooden parts coming from italy put together in a case and consists of buttons that can be relabelled just by simple paper strips (not displays) – so you just hit a button of the desired parameter and edit it – it will be displayed and shown – and can be changed by a large ribbon as a data entry „monster slider“ plus value dials. tablets (this one is android driven as well as the computers are all Windows PCs) and the patches themselves are made and are based on NI Reaktor.

nonlinear synth on tablet
The tablet shows the structure and you can just drag and drop sounds onto another  – so this looks like a concept for the GUI – and if you chance the structure you chance the paper labels and watch the patch on the tablet or computer. that synth may be a computer already, here’s something you can watch:

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