Synthileaks II: Korg SQ1 Step Sequencer, MS20M Desktop (flat design), Korg ARP Odyssey Updates

SynthiLeaks II pre NAMM 2015 brings us:
the 1 Voice, (2015)  Korg MS20M Analog Synthesizer

this is what you get when you did your 2hrs work – all assembled – see the above link for all parts of that kit:

Korg MS20M synthesizer

which is a rack or desktop MS20 without keys (seems to be a kit, m is for „module“ in the meaning of „expander“)
rumour: switch between old and new filter type on MS20M?

the MS20M is totally superior to the normal MS20:

it has:

• OSC Sync (VCOs)
• FM (VCOs) !!
• Filter Switch Rev 1 / 2
• LFO accepts PWM
so it is sort of MS50 (FM), MS10 (PWM) and MS20 Deluxe (Sync – has never been in an MS synth)!
and more details that are a big improvement like CV control stuffs (V/Oct – not just Hz/V) and multiples..
1427,00 EUR (incl vat – germany) / Kit – that doesn’t mean you need to solder – it’s more like you need to assemble some parts like the Moog Werkstatt – thats not cheap but it can do a lot more!

-> deutsch: getestet.

shown in this video

and a miniature SQ1 analog step sequencer that looks a lot like a nano control from the top but has pots and buttons for simple step sequencing – sync out/in for Volca control with gate/CV
it has 2 channels – 2 CV outs – one gate – no MIDI, just USB. and isn’t flat – it’s a box.

note the MS20M is flat/desktop design – so it is a lot nicer to handle on stage etc. and you can be seen when operating it.

Korg MS-20m Monophonic Synthesizer Kit and SQ-1 Step Sequencer

Es gibt einen neuen Step Sequencer von Korg -> Forum: Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer – es gibt Gate/CV Anschlüsse und Sync in/out für die Volcas -> Volca Beats etc.
Er kann sehr offensichtlich die Abspielrichtung ändern, hat verschiedene Stimmung-Quantisierungen an Bord…

-> deutsch: getestet.

Korg MS20M + SQ1 Korg MS20M

Die neuen / zusätzlichen Anschlüsse unten am neuen MS20M, einem Desktop MS20 ohne Tasten, sind Multiples! M steht übrigens für Module, also „Expander“ im weiteren Sinne (nicht für modular).

Korg MS20M Kit with SQ-1 Step Sequencer | MS20 M module

korg sq1 sequencer

New Korg SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer, Plus MS-20 Module Kit – Create Digital Music

ps: an look what they also have 4 us:

and a valve / tube on a chip called nutube..

korg nutube

Kaoss DJ – with touch interface like the Kaossilator 2s (like KPmini 2s)
kaoss DJ

MS20M the rack „Module“ kit of the MS20 – SQ1 Sequencer
ms20m kit sq1

the master: Tatsuya Takahashi (right) – talking the odyssey and the magic of 3 filters – the synth is 14% smaller…
#arpsichordtatsuya takahashi korg

#korg odyssey – and 3/4 smaller (totally love that! others might not want it? Forum says 54:14 they want large keys ->Umfrage: sind dir große oder mini Tasten wichtig ?)
– $999 – in the us. the 1973-one was $1400 back then. – these are the same synths but different look. btw: all PPC no knob (which is good).

–> Korg Odyssey in SynthDB <— and final tech specs.

portamento: switch for 2 modes (they were different)
3 filters – switch (12dB/oct), 24 dB/Oct Moog infringe and ARP filter
korg odyssey 3x

Mr.Takahashi again..

Mr.David Friend of ARP, ex President
david friend

Authentic enough! Here’s my demo (with german review – hier ist mein kleiner Test und Audio zum Vergleich)

and unboxing his first new & smaller ARPsichord..
unboxing the first korg arp


the back side – MIDI, USB, trigger/gate/CV and the Mk3’ish XLR!
odyssey back


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