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most important things from NAMM in one – OVERVIEW 
– die wichtigsten Sachen von der NAMM

  1. Waldorf Wavetable Module (Eurorack), Attack App, Nave Plugin
  2. Moog Modular limited edition System 15-55 – Minimoog? coming?
  3. Roland JD Xi + JD Xa – analog + digital crossover synths + TR sequencer inside!
  4. Korg MS20M with FM, Sync, PWM and flat desktop design + SQ1 sequencer (-> SynthDB   Korg MS20M Analog Synthesizer)
  5. Sequential Prophet 6 (yes it is labelled Sequential, not Dave Smith who is still the distributor) + DSI Modules (Character and OSCs, Filters) -> Eurorack
  6. Korg Odyssey – 3x „Karp“ – 3 filter modi, drive & portamento switch -> 3/4 the size or original.
  7. Tom Oberheim goes Modular SEM and Phaser Modules (Eurorack)
  8. Arturia Audiointerface
    +  Beatstep Pro –  4 CV/ 10 Gate Sequencer
  9. Vermona „14″ Analog MonoSynth
  10. MIDI HD – the new standard for MIDI
  11. Koma modules „Poltergeist“ / Komplex Sequencer 7U
  12. Make Noise+ Hex Inverter –  Modules
  13. Radikal (the Spectralis Guy) Module (dual filter, eurorack)
  14. Doepfer Module / Trigger Sequencer
  15. Casio XW PD1 FX Groovebox / FX machine
  16. Jomox Rackonizer (Eurorack)
  17. Verbos did a cool Touch-Keyboard and Filter is ready – in one box it all looks like very „on stage“
  18. Akai Timbre Wolf 4voice analog synth + Tom Cat Drummachine + the Wombat fake
  19. Logic 10.1 – update
  20. Casio CZ App
  21. Roland Aira MX – interesting Mix concept for automation of everything / FX.
  22. Roland Promars Plugout for System 1
  23. 303style expanded sequencer Social Entropy
  24. Expert Sleepers USB Host for Controllers controls Sequencer, generates CV, polyphonic CV  + Usamo stable timing to MIDI output
  25. Nord Electro 5
  26. the evil has landed:
    Die Musotalk-Livesendung zur NAMM
    (german talk about NAMM)
    -Wir sprechen über die NAMM Neuheiten Teil 2:
    NAMM 2015 Teil 2 - Top News von der US Musikmesse.

    Teil 1 – ohne mich aber wird vollständiger dadurch:
    NAMM Show 2015 die Top News von der US Musikmesse

    *Musotalk kommt normalerweise 12:00 Donnerstags live mit Chat
  27. Feedback:
    Forum: Tops Flops – NAMM 2015
    Forum: Nach der NAMM: wer kauft nun was genau?

furthermore / und weiter gab es noch:

  • Novation Launchpad Pro – Multicolour Launchpad -> Video – sort of Push Mini
  • Elektron Overbridge (video) – integrates all audio and MIDI, sync to any Elektron Machine – use analog filters etc as plugin on a DAW – quite a bit like Roland MX but with Software FOR analog devices
  • Moog Sub37 Update (12min video) in Feb.: Mod Parameters can be set by „touching“ them instead of searching it in the menu! Sequencer updated: step seen at LED running through button LEDs, quick Sequence Select, Rotation, Swing, LFO Swing, Seq back&forth etc. as well, CV to MIDI / CV to Trigger, instant-rec-play (live sequencing)
  • „Free“ Pro Tools called Pro Tools | First (<– video)  – what could be in and what might not be in? CDM found out:
    „16 mono or stereo audio tracks16 Instrument Tracks16 MIDI tracks4 simultaneous audio inputs, maxNo videoOffline bounce, but limited export/interchange apart from audio bounceLoop recording, but many of the advanced edit tools are missing, including punch and automationMore restricted instrument/effect suite, though you still get the Xpand!2 instrument and some effects“-> But – you are in the cloud and can only save some songs in the cloud – after that you need to buy things – so in fact it is a demo, not free!
  • Keith McMillen K-Mix Audio-Interface (USB) PDF/Info and Mixer / Controller (known from Qunexus etc) with 8ins/8outs with cool 3D Controllers for multichannel routing (!) -> Forum & Video K-Mix
  • nice images: Modules Modules Modules
  • Omnisphere 2 is out.
  • Yamaha AN1X App & their future..
  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (2x) – mentioned before NAMM – final Design looks like this.
  • Morphing Sounds – Morph by Prosoniq now @Zynaptic -rottened Rottweiler becoming a Borg

Post NAMM Info:
What ppl clicked most: Roland & Waldorfs „Navetable“-Synth – stats from sun 25th.Jan 2015: 19:10 euro time. First 2 items a lot more than others. I wonder why the Prophet 6 isn’t amongst the first 6 (yet?) – maybe because it was announced later then others?

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