Casio CZ App?

Looks like, they got a Casio  CZ on the iPad for us? The classic CZ series with phase distortion – possibly on the Casio booth on some/a

19.99€ – not cheap but … UPDATE: they got it!

named CZ App for iPadcasio CZ app casio CZ

What’s it about? These Synths:
CZ1 Digital Synthesizer , CZ5000, CZ3000 Digital Synthesizer and CZ101, CZ1000 Digital Synthesizer – I’d still also like to mention the more advanced  VZ-series, which is sort of FM-competitor and capable of a lot more and casios outstanding 8-level-rate multistage envelopes, that are still quite unique.

Forum: Casio CZ Series

coming from:
you may have seen the Virtual CZ Plugin already? – so maybe the iPad is next? this has been spotted on some gathering where ppl speak another language ;)

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