Casio CZ App?

Looks like, they got a Casio  CZ on the iPad for us? The classic CZ series with phase distortion – possibly on the Casio booth on some/a 19.99€ – not cheap but … UPDATE: they got it! named CZ App for iPad fair What’s it about? These Synths: CZ1 Digital Synthesizer , CZ5000, CZ3000 Digital Synthesizer and CZ101, CZ1000 Digital Synthesizer – I’d still also like to mention the more advanced  VZ-series, which is sort of FM-competitor and capable of a lot more and casios outstanding 8-level-rate multistage envelopes, that are still quite unique. 【楽器フェア2014】CASIO「CZアプリ」Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Forum: Casio CZ Series…

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Casio – The Cosmo Synthesizer Series & FZ Sampler – incl. Hohner OEM

Casio CZ/VZ digital synthesizer series – called the Cosmo Synthesizer and successors – the VZ Series with iPD Synthesis. Casio FZ sampler series – casio vl tone.. uuhm, a keyboard.. ;) Casio Casio Synth overview / überblick.. Casio CZ101 „the cosmo synthesizer“ 1985 the waveforms. that the PD synthesis (phase distortion) supports are printed on all the CZ synths.. PD is much like FM later models really compare nicely to Yamahas DX series!! (8 OP but then called iPD „interactive PD“ the VZ series) very simple 16 sound 16 on…

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