Arturia Beatstep Pro Sequencer + Audio Fuse

Beatstep Pro is not a fake – it’s a 64step sequencer.

beatstep pro con beatstep pro

clock: analog in/out
MIDI in/out
16 step buttons
pressure sens.vel. pads
8 gate outs (!)
2 channels -> pitch – gate – velocity (6 jacks)
note tie, 16x 2 sequences, 16 drum sequences (gates), 10Volts max., P: 250€
class compliant (MIDI for iPad)
info pdf

sonicstate: image of audio fuse, audio interface mentioned in this teaser video:


NAMM 2015: Arturia Audio Fuse Video

192khz sampling rate,
route to 2 speakers (a/b)
4 analog in –  ADAT in/out ports –> 14 in/out
USB Hub Ports
MIDI in/out
special functions to bring iPads and Computer together but still it looks a bit confusing..
€549 / $599.
and little case that makes it look like a Mac Mini ;)

audio fuse

nice joke the Polybrute

Polyphonic Analog Synth by Arturia.
4 octave keys
dual OSC from the microbrute

not confirmed yet – it could still be a fake – to me it is very much pixel-generated. and posted in 2014. hmm – doesn’t look like it is real for me things not proper – check yourself:

via Forum: NAMM – Arturia …


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