Tom Oberheim going modular (Eurorack Format)

UPDATE Oberheim: now looks completely different – here is the update:
Tom Oberheim is now doing modular – the first module you can get is of course the SEM (theTwoVoice, TVS1, 2Voice subtractive,analog synth has been presented as well – see below)
and a
– Multimode Stereo Phaser (with LFO)
these are not just „repackaged“ there are some features – like VCA’s and that makes waveform blending possible.oberheim phaser eurorack oberheim module

Ja, Herr Oberheim macht jetzt auch Eurorack-Module
Tom Oberheim goes Eurorack?

you can save your sequences on the Oberheim 2 Voice – or to be exact: it is Tom Oberheim..

und der Oberheim 2voice ist da mit speicherbarem Sequencer – (nicht billig $3495)

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