Yamaha AN1X-like App with Synth Book of History – FM Programmers

Yamaha wasn’t presenting any synth at NAMM but they put up a nice history page –
but there’s a little 8 voice synth in it near the AN1x Digital Synthesizer but not exactly IT plus drums – called SynthBook and within the iOS App it’s called AN2015 running on iPhones..
here’s what you can do – see the tabs? it’s quite capable of a lot of synthesis.
UPDATEthere is a free FM app as well – here called FM Essential.

yamaha an2015 synth

and there is plenty of cool things up on their site on history..
as a user of FM synths I enjoyed the programmers they created for editing the first FM prototype – the GS1 .. so in fact they did programmers first that look like very useful:

my info about Yamahas Synths – and a detailed view on all the FM synth generations.
The GS1 is shown here (I did not add the GS series to the SynthDB yet, but will do!)

A users render about Yamahas future – do you think they do this kind of effort without bringing new synths somewhere sooner/later?

• Hier ein wenig über die App im Forum • AN1X App für nix von Yamaha zum 40..
• und Was ist denn mit Yamaha?