Yamaha GS1 Programmer - internal use only App 

Yamaha AN1X-like App with Synth Book of History – FM Programmers

Yamaha wasn’t presenting any synth at NAMM but they put up a nice history page – but there’s a little 8 voice synth in it near the AN1x Digital Synthesizer but not exactly IT plus drums – called SynthBook and within the iOS App it’s called AN2015 running on iPhones.. here’s what you can do – see the tabs? it’s quite capable of a lot of synthesis. UPDATE – there is a free FM app as well – here called FM Essential. Yamaha Synth Book PV2Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen and there is plenty of cool…

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the synthesizer was invented in / by.. who added and did what in electronic music history

 -> Synthesizer Wiki Navigation, Suche Synthesizer History Timeline From  „https://www.sequencer.de/synth/index.php/Synthesizer_History_Timeline“ Inhaltsverzeichnis [Verbergen] 1 The First Synthesizer To… 1.1 Notes 1.2 The Synth List – Formating: Year – Manufacturer – Model – First at what..? 1.3 Related Links – Synthesizer History 1 The First Synthesizer To… and this one is helpful to sort it out… Knobcon 2016 Marc Doty Lecture Synthesizer MythsDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen 1.1 Notes If you are going to add to the list please use the same format and insert in chronological order. 1.2 The Synth List…

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