Yamaha – CS80 & DX returns? – Reface is mobile DX, CS/AN etc.

as I told you before and people demanding for new synths. It seems like there is something coming – that sound reminds a lot of a CS80 kind of synth with Ringmod with an extra oscillator (which is the case in the CS80) might be something like a hint to show what we might want to expect.

UPDATE 2 ->go here for the full image & stuff.

returning the video contains: CS, DX, CP YC – so it is Organs & Pianos (ok, don’t need that) – but Analog and Digital Synth, FM Synthesis – so it is a retro thingy – but in case of FM it is nicest to hear. no AN / VL – so no physical modeling and no neo digital analog simulation. but old school analog simulation.

Reface , CS Digital Synthesizer  & Reface , DX Digital Synthesizer 

Yeah, I Play A Little Keyboard

I’d really like some digital hi-tech stuff like linked above..
Maybe they do something like Roland did with the System 1/ 1m – so maybe it may do both?

UPDATE- look like the Divine Quote wasn’t referring to that Yamaha! But we have 2 more shots – it seems like sort of Microkorg’ish synth..
reface1 reface2

UPDATE: add this quote that tells us – it is digital which is nice to hear (for me):

„I’m working with Yamaha on a project right now; I can’t say what it is, but it’s pretty crazy. This synthesizer has new technology that’s never been implemented before, so it’s totally alien to anything I’ve ever used. I’ve had to spend a few weeks just understanding the architecture of it. „

– Richard Devine


so it is non of these – it is „totally alien“ so it is no substractive bored Fiat Panda ..

there is a counter (15 days) on yamahasynth – so things will happen in 2 weeks, 22:00.

Yamaha plant etwas, was Reface heißt und offenbar auf den CS80 oder zumindest die große CS Serie zeigt, da der Klang hier in dem Video ziemlich nach einer Ringmodulation mit einem eigenen Oszillator klingt. Ob es nicht schöner wäre es wie ich es hier beschrieb zu tun, muss man sehen:
Nach der Welle ist vor der Welle – analoge Synthesizer von morgen: digital?

Und es könnte ja auch ein System 1-ähnliches Prinzip sein was CS80 und DX7 „kann“.? Nein, es wird superaußerirdisch, so sagt Richard und so klingt das alles dann doch mehr nach etwas radikal NEUEM. Das ist gut so. Hier kannst du was dazu sagen: Yamaha Reface

note that it will most likely NOT a CS .. but ..

CS Series – feat. that Ringmod and extra OSC are these:
Yamaha CS50 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS60 subtractive,analog
*Yamaha CS80 subtractive,analog

more CS..
Yamaha CS50m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS01 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS10 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS15 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS15D subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS20m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS30 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS30L subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS40m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS5 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS70m subtractive,analog

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  1. Das Bisschen Video klingt nach typisch Yamaha-Auskenner-und-Konservatoriumspop. So war schon der FS1R. Interessantes Gerät zum Erkunden. Wir man aber eher nicht in Clubs, nicht in charts oder sonst in der Öffentlichkeit finden. CS-retro mag weniger innovativ sein, aber vllt. doch sinnvoller.

  2. […] as we are all look forward towards thursday, the official release there’s almost clear ideas about what they do. […]

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