Heavily Modded / Expanded 303-style: Social Entropy Sequencer „Engine“ 8 CV/Gates

just a quote this time:
Social Entropy (Ripe) Creator of the Quicksilver 303/606 CPU’s is showing his new 8-track prototype sequencer at NAMM this year called the Engine.
It has a raft of features similar to the TB-303 and TR-606 QS CPU’s, and also a lot of other new features like skip (only seen on analog sequencers) and many more.


There is also USB, and CV/Gate add-on too.
no – it’s even cooler – it has
8 CV/gate outputs for 8 Tracks – the CVs are optional but…
pattern chaining
drum „roll“ function
realtime input…
512 pattern
16 songs / song mode

social entropy

Forum: Social Entropy Engine Sequencer !

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