NAMM 2015: Waldorf Wavetable Eurorack Module, Attack App, Nave Plugin, Jomox Rackonizer

Waldorf present some interesting stuff:

• A Wavetable Eurorack Module – the 1st time to enter the modular market – about 300€ street price (this is an official price)Waldorf-nW1-Wavetable-Module

note it has parameters that come from the Nave (App., Plugin), so that switch labelled „record“ might be the audio analysis tool, also the routing for CVs is easy to understand – that speech tool might be the classic one „1-2-3-4-5“ which was part of the software that created the first Microwave’s speech wavetables. User Wavetables and USB may look like there is an editor for your own stuff. Possibly the Plugin may be used as an editor!? Because there is one more thing..

Wavetables can be fed from Nave! Drumloops are possible but a bit lofi.

8MB for user wavetables – means 50 speech tables or 10 normal Waves fit in without re-saving.
USB for uploading Waves / Speech Synth.

• Nave as a Plugin-Synth

Nave for VST / AU / AAX Sound Examples

• Attack as an App (iOS)


•Re-Worked Waldorf Bundle
▶ Waldorf Product News 2015

Update: Jomox Rackonizer, Eurorack-Module
Filter Matrix with Waveguide, Delays and Reverb interacting. A specialty by Jürgen to keep systems in a resonating and sort of self playing and interacting state. using reverb and Wave Guide sounds cool to me – those jacks may just need some adjustment (more room)? Reckon-gnize me!

jomox rackonizer