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NAMM 2015: Waldorf Wavetable Eurorack Module, Attack App, Nave Plugin, Jomox Rackonizer

Waldorf present some interesting stuff: • A Wavetable Eurorack Module – the 1st time to enter the modular market – about 300€ street price (this is an official price) note it has parameters that come from the Nave (App., Plugin), so that switch labelled „record“ might be the audio analysis tool, also the routing for CVs is easy to understand – that speech tool might be the classic one „1-2-3-4-5“ which was part of the software that created the first Microwave’s speech wavetables. User Wavetables and USB may look like…

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NAMM 2013 IV – still some things to know – clever MIDI, Audio and ..

there have been quite a lot of interesting things at NAMM, see all the 2-3 pages of news – here’s a new Apple-Keyboard-kind of MINI USB Keyboard from CME with polyphonic Aftertouch and Dynamics for $99 .. also Behringer got a range of Mixers that also work as an audio interface in 4 sizes – as a small 19″ rack, a bigger one like the Yamaha 01V96 and the 2 X32 mixers with OLED displays for track names and full knob control – they are all iPad controllable as well…

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Jomox M.Brane 1_1 Perc Synthesizer

Thema anzeigen – M.Brane 1_1 • Sequencer Synthesizer Forum. A new synth percussion tool will be out soon based on „Analog Membrane Modeling“ (that sounds great, in’nit?) >NEU< M.Brane11 Analog Membrane Modeling.Zwei analoge T-Bridge Oszillatoren werden zu elektronischen Membranen. Warum? Weil sie gekoppelt werden können. Und weil die Dämpfung eingestellt werden kann. Dann noch Noise dazu, ein bisschen Hüllkurve, und fertig ist der neue elektronische Percussion Synthesizer von Jomox.Aber weil es dann doch zu einfach gewesen wäre, ist wieder mal alles speicherbar und per Midi ansteuerbar. Man kann die kleine Box sowohl im Live-Setup…

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