NAMM 2013 IV – still some things to know – clever MIDI, Audio and ..

there have been quite a lot of interesting things at NAMM, see all the 2-3 pages of news –

here’s a new Apple-Keyboard-kind of MINI USB Keyboard from CME with polyphonic Aftertouch and Dynamics for $99 ..
also Behringer got a range of Mixers that also work as an audio interface in 4 sizes – as a small 19″ rack, a bigger one like the Yamaha 01V96 and the 2 X32 mixers with OLED displays for track names and full knob control – they are all iPad controllable as well as OS X and Windows Editors – very new to Behringer is, – they support Macs. for me they have been quite second class for that reason as a mac user they did not even manage to build a Mac editor for their BCR Controllers for SysEx.. so this time they seem to jump on that bandwagon – the macs and iOS..

in deutsch info zu den Behringer Digipulten, das kleine ist eigentlich ein nettes Audiointerface.

NAMM 2013 - Behringer - X32

MIDI for iPads and Computers routing the audio from the iPad to the Laptops and more..
but here’s another very interesting MIDI interface (4 ports) that connects iOS and Macs (and PCs as well!) and brings all the audio from the iPad to the Computer, also it has 3x USB so you can connect keyboards, load and work with the iPad and the Computer at the same time (!). so this is what I call innovative and is about MIDI, so look!! there is still people who make it real! MIDI has been underestimated for a long time so it’s cool to have iConnect selling their products well since they have put more brain into the „old schoolish“ looking stuff.. very well done – check this video

WNAMM13: iConnectivity Solves iPad Audio Problem - Video

aand a nice sequencer-synth proto called Akasha which does.. uhm.. magic things from Jomox. not too much in that video but fancy look. maybe we can read our future and past..?

Jomox Akasha synth prototype at NAMM

and a very PUSHy Controller (the looks) from Livid. Note those Faders – like the DSI Tempest / Prophet 12 style which seem to be a nice addition. at least I loved them on the MAX49 Controller because they are precise and easy to use. – it may all depend on how that new controller is embedded – the Push Controller is made by Akai for Ableton, this one is just on it’s own… have a look if it works as a step sequencer as well? ..

you may have heard of this Controller from Keith McMillen.. it’s here – 10 times Pitch-Bendable per Key or route it to any parameter, CV/Gate

WNAMM13: Keith McMillen QuNExus Video

more NAMM, just browse the last 3-4 days! a lot of analog synths, modules and other interesting stuff!

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