SynthiLeaks: Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer (NAMM 2015) + Elka is back?

Leaks from somewhere –
Beside the bigger brother, the JD XA Synth with hybrid technology – here’s a smaller version..
the Mini-Key Synth labelled JDXi
$499 which is quite fair for what you get -> 530€

UPDATE: here’s a screenshot of one of the sound creators (Scherer) @ forum you explained this is a PART of all – which you can still edit on the JD-Xi – he did this CTRL set to create sounds more easily – note the upper part must be seen trippled! – so it is a lot you can do – all on the box

Here’s a quick rundown of most of the features for those who don’t have time …


via: Forum • Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer looks a bit like a Microkorg competitor that sort of may be a System1 remodelling or something new or something polyphonic for everyone since it has enough memory buttons and small size it seems it is a bit smaller in functionality and maybe has one envelope to offer – sort of new SH101 in a Microkorg shape but with SH sound? would’nt be that bad, huh? no – it is a mixture – an analog synth with digital aid of 2 oscs – so it’s 3 OSC synth plus drums.


  • 4 Sources: 2 digital (PCM) ones, one analog and drums (TR808/909), subosc
  • it IS real analog – or better it is hybrid. it is ONE OSC-FILTER Section analog – the rest is digital – nice one!
  • has PWM
  • drum sounds can be filtered
  • digital distortion etc – FX of course
  • 1 knob for ADSR – but also ADSR individually in the menu
  • LFO has multiple targets – 3 directly on the knobs, rest via menu
  • MIDI channels are 10 drum, 1/2/3 is for the other layers
  • analog: 24dB/oct – digital: classic multimode with peaking etc.
  • 128 voices digital + 1 voice analog osc with analog filter
  • TR step Sequencer and Drum Sounds (wow!) – it’s sampled drums so it doesn’t cannibalise the TR8) with 4 tracks, 64 steps – chains can be done quickly! this is a performance thing!
    -> I do not really need more „analog“ stuff but I hope Roland and others to do more performance sequencers into their synths that are capable of more than 16 or 64 steps – seems they did it! and that’s why one should buy it – just for them to let them know – they are right!
  • Vocoder built-in
  • UPDATE: digital and analog are a different channel – so no interaction between both – could be cool. – so no layers or so but rec’ing 4 tracks and layer that way of course.
  • seq input: step-like just hit the note / drumsound and press step button to have melodies / notes assigned.
  • 512 sequence patterns
  • sequence patterns chains availables – easy to create (one button – saved)
  • CC / automation can be recorded
  • USB / MIDI





we’ll know better on this month (at NAMM)..
does it look like a Microphone for a built in Vocoder (VT3) on the left? so – looks a lot like Roland wants to be back in the good sounding world of really (being) used synths in 2015…

Update (NAMM):

Roland bringt einen kleinen sicher digitalen Synth, aber ob mit System1-Sound und Technologie oder anders? Nicht zu erkennen, aber wäre sehr sehr sinnvoll – vielleicht mit 6-8 Stimmen?

Aber Roland macht nichts analog, passt nicht zu deren Grundhaltung – aber sie machen immer etwas neu und orientieren sich gelegentlich auch an sich selbst – Siehe Aira / System 1 etc.

--> mehr/aktuell @ Forum: Namm 2015, wachsender Synth-Markt
More NAMM: 2015

n ote: a lot of room is up for synths this year – so there could be a lot to come up soon.

more videos Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer

another song playing

eg a re-released Elka Synthex.
r possibly something new under the name of Elka, LEM or GEM.

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  1. I hope this prototype has it’s keys enlarged for the final product, although I doubt it. Analog polyphony would be fantastic, but seeing Roland’s track record lately, I would imagine digital analog modeling (or wavetable based on Jupiter, Juno, JX sounds) is the most likely form of synthesis. It looks like it has an awesome step sequencer, though!

    1. I don’t think it will be analog or at least no more than a good emulation of it since they have shown they can do so (system1) but that keyboard was the odd side of it (no dynamics, 2 octaves, not the best) – looks like it has some fun inside and maybe more than that – some1 on my forum had his hands on it – so he might know better, he says it was more than „expected“ in depth – so it sounds like it can to more than it might appear / look like..

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