ARP Odyssey Korgessey Behringeressy. Korgs new ARPsichord #NAMM

ARP ODYSSEY is the one by Korg and seems to have full sized keys, 3 filters (2pole white face, moog and „Arp“ type of 24dB/oct) along with a drive switch and I assume it might have MIDI as simple as the MS20 mini has – note on and off – no velocity since the Odyssey has duophonic modes and is always in that mode it needs to be aware of 2 held keys. they seem to sell it under ARP rather than Korg?..
..will  be here at NAMM 22.Jan 2015. as these rumors will be unveilled as well. – Live Stream 22.1. – 0:00 (won’t work in germany ok – seen that – it’s:

–> Korg Odyssey in SynthDB <—  tech specs.

#korg odyssey – and 3/4 smaller (love that) – $999 – in the us – guess that is 999€ over here, huh? the 1973 one was $1400 back then. – these are the same synths but different look. btw: all PPC no knob (which is good).

portamento: switch for 2 modes (they where different)
duophonic – and filter switch for those 3 filter modes.

korg odyssey

Btw – these keys are said to be the MS20 Mini size – between that of the MS20 Mini and Microkorg – if so this Odyssey is a bit smaller, has no dynamics and very likely simple MIDI Note on and off – but nothing else incl. no bender PPC transmit to keep the circuit as untouched as possible – well – it is touched as soon as there is a filter type and drive switch – I also hope for faster LFO mod but – maybe one needs to do that on „ones own“ – which may be SMD stuff – not hard to do but need to open it – possibly easier than opening the MS20 case..

korg odyssey 3xsrc: instagram/c.r.

Because the Odyssey has a very nice concept when it comes to servicing it. and no locked modules of course since there is no reason for it. #moog

the Behringer thing: they did a mockup but it’s just a „question“ to us – not even close to a release. Korg says 2015 – but well – we do know it might take longer see Tribes, see MS20 Mini etc.. which is basically good since it might help agains bugs and stuff..


Korg hat jetzt die passende Website zum Odyssey online gebracht, es ist noch nicht viel zu sehen, aber man kann schon etwas dazu sagen.. : Korg baut ARP Odyssey
ie 3 Filter sind drin, Drive gibt es und ob es MIDI gibt oder sowas wie Dynamik – ich tippe auf keine Dynamik aber sehr simples MIDI (on/off) wegen Duophonie.

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