Polyphonic Behringer Analog Synthesizer – Deepmind 12 – 7 videos

UPDATE: meanwhile there are 16 (and growing) videos, so I just post the Playlist here..


Ein wenig „roländisch“ sieht Behringers Deepmind 12 aus, dachte man – aber am Ende ist er doch anders, auch klanglich. Der neue polyphone analoge Behringer Synthesizer. Man sieht ein paar Szenemenschen, die ihn bestaunen durften. Er kommt: News zum Behringer Synthesizer 2016 –
ja – man hatte klar den Juno 60/106 im Blick bei der Entwicklung.

Keyboard & Rack


which doesn’t bring too much news. so this is a silent update ;)

but it is clearly said: DCO square/pulse and saw, DCO 2 pulse/PWM only!

3 ENVs – 2 OSCS – 2 LFOs – 12 Voices – Modmatrix inside – Klark Teknik FX (4 Blocks), 256 user presets (4 banks), MIDI, USB – Pedal CV – ARP’er &  32step-Sequencer – Chord Memory. „affordable price“. should be around 1500€?  So it is not the cheapest and therefor more a quality approch to synths – but for a polyphonic synth – still far under DSI’s average price tags of 2k€>Not that 1k or 500€ is a rumour due to the first teaser, the Odyssey clone. So is the 1.5k€ – but more realistic kind of guessing which it still is. (Key Version)

Rack Version price: ?

(see the playlist for more updates)
final look:


eyboard version:

deepmind envs

they say: fast LFOs (<5ms update),
deep mind 12 panel

it turns out they wanted a Juno plus – and added things to it – even that name was kept – and later changed to the much better sounding „deep mind“deepmind 12

and a mod matrix is not at all juno’ish but useful. this isn’t WYSIWYG – it’s some things behind this screen..deepmind 12 display

curves can be changed – slopes ..
envs deepmind


Visiting Behringers Synthesizer Group in Manchester

Prototyp was named „Phat 12“ (which is odd, isn’t it?) – here is the prooooof: it’s 3 Envelopes with switch buttons and 2 pole switch for the filter which might still be LPF but could be set via EDIT-Button next to it.
behringer deep mind 12 phat 12 proto

Update: Rendering by Blaise l Forum:

  • Deepmind has WIFI to be controlled by an iPad / Editor.

have you seen that second synth in the 6’th video? may be the next one..
proto 2
this is the pre-phat 12 – deepmind prototype.

Mod Matrix Sources/Destinations can be found here:

(5th update): 2 DCOs, 2 LFOs, Sync, 12 Voices: rendering added.

UPDATE 5: Name : Deepmind 12 – 4 FX Blocks (by Klark Teknik) freely assignable with „algorithms“.. I’d expect it to be called „Kraftgedanke“ or „Urgedanke“ or something. Not that iPad – maybe an editor or library-software?
it’s time for the price tag, now! and there should be buttons for the envelopes – not yet clear – so I assume there will be another „unveiling video“. did you see those 3 buttons below the envelope? I assume they set it to Amp, Filter and Pitch. But – makes settings harder since you need to re-arrange it any time switching over to the other env.


12 Voice Polyphonic !!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-24 um 13.13.11


User Blaise hat eine Phantomzeichnung angefertigt. Forum User Blaise did a nice rendering feat. most likely faders..
thanks, Blaise: Behringer Synthesizer 2016 render

behringer 4 behringer poly
4 voices.. (minimum)4 voice

watch video 3..
it’s polyphonic!

Vile Electrodes, Richard Divine and others show to us ..
the new Behringer – a bit hidden and Rolandish in layout. Well the name may not be Eurosynth EX8000 but listen, it sounds quite cool.

they said „around 500€“ – so let’s check how much it actually is.

btw: so happy they asked Vile Electrodes, they are cute in everything they do.

Looks like the MIDAS-Team ist the only one envolved, since it is an all-UK group until now showing and wowing it.
I count 29 white keys –  it’s 4 octaves then. for a monophonic synth it might be a bit too much – so big hope for polyphony of up to 6 voices could be – but none of the demos are polyphonic.

the synth has: 2 DCOs, ADSR Envelope (it says „envelope“ but could be more than one), Sync (do I hear it at the beginning) – yes- it’s 2 OSCs! – does it? well – maybe sync isn’t for OSC sync but for some LFO/Arp ext. Sync? We don’t know – so we are still in wait-mode. it’s 2 LFOs! (confirmed).
and PWM per OSC. Note that DCO means analog sound but controlled digitally! so it is analogue!

2nd video (don’t know the people in here, but..)

Exclusively: BEHRINGER SYNTH Video for

2 lfos

… but it is a real synth, less juni’ish but a bit like the looks of it or polysix or so, but it has all those features we expect it to have. and yes, they have the power – that’s the Midas team since they aquired them (and the X32) and all their analogue expertise.

we had so many guesses and stuff.

BEHRINGER Synth Vol. 1


detail 4 detail 2 detail 3

behringer behringer 2 behringer 3

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