Erica Synths – 1 Voice Eurorack-Synth-Module

Erica Synths Eurorack DIY Synth Voice

this one is one voice for eurorack from Erica. On the left: 2 of the very very small „Piko“ series which is really really dense and there is no single module of that series that is wider than those! Erica got well designed modules, tubes and – seems they try to get into the well-tempered-rack scene – create your own mini suitcase with patchcords. the synth voices is basically made for DIY – but all modules can be ordered fully assembled as well..

features are:

  • wave morphing / digital OSC – 16 waveforms & transition between those waves
  • polivoks filter (BPF,LPF)
  • LFO, 9 waves – one shot mode (env-mode)
  • 90€ DIY, 280€ assembled
  • AR Envelope

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