Sonic State – Intel Announce Four-Core Processor, Blimey, that’ll be fast

Sonic State – News Intel Announce Four-Core Processor, Blimey, that’ll be fast

well, they tell us upcoming quadcore procs, talking about audio I ‚d say: if you are working with logic or live only it is ok, if you need plugins or you work with a powerbook with PCMCIA audio interface you will have to wait or pay quite some money to get it all to work..

since TCPA will be aboard of all intel based machines you might also run into problems.. why not emulating it all in rosetta till then? good point, but as I wrote: with live (the normal PPC version) you get exactly 1 audio track with 80% and 2 tracks will not play at over 105% (on 20″ intel imac).. so forget about non-intelized software!! it will not work..

so: for us audio and synth users intel based macs may attract you but they are way slower till ALL of your soft has been ported .. of course it is not free, be sure.. apple charges 50€ for their own change in architeture, some companies offer a free upgrade, others do not even plan it this year (adobe, ok thats web and graFX!), others do not have intel-mac versions out atm.. so if you are working with reaktor or any plugin: never trust intel this year.. and be sure to be a „trusted platform“.. the consequence of DRM will be trusted HDs which allow decaying files, means: some audio files may not play if you do not pay some subscription .. older music or dead labels that are unable to renew your music files (even if you pay) will simply disappear!!..

is this what we want as musicians?..

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