1.-5.5. - München - creative workshop: MIRACULOUS AGITATION

Dieses Thema im Forum "Termine" wurde erstellt von fairplay, 10. März 2009.

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    Drawing the hidden music out of everyday objects. Coils are the very soul of electronic music. The Victorians made jump, Jimi Hendrix made them howl and this workshop hopes to make them sing. It guides participants in creating and using electro-magnetic forces to create a type of 'acoustically synthesized' music from salvaged metal objects. We will explore how any object can be turned into a loud speaker and how the principal of feedback can make these objects vibrate with sound. You will learn among other things: How inventors, musicians and experimenters have used various objects as sound diffusers throughout the history of electronic music. How to stereoscopically eavesdrop on the inner of workings of electronic devices. How to make a basic amplifier. How to create an electromagnetic field capable of resonating ferric metal objects. How to create cheap and effective contact microphones. How to adapt an amplifier so that it becomes an expressive touch-controlled instrument, namely a 'crackle box'.