14.11.09 Bored? @ VCF// BERLIN // Dubstep/ UK Funky/ Bass

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  1. j-lite

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    Bored of Shitty Sound ? Bored of lame parties ? Bored of Wobble ? Bored by always the same ? What else are YOU bored of ? ;-)
    Oh yes, its really true, we return on all your demand to VCF for another nite!

    14.November 2009 Freak Camp asks: Bored? @ VCF // Rochstraße/ Dirksenstraße 132-133 Berlin- Mitte

    Lineups are overrated ……, Venues are overrated……..Infotexts are overrated - what could we tell you that you dont know already, in the end its YOU, the guest, making it a good party! so be there to party, booze and errrm … smoke a few cigarettes infront of the venue with us!

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  4. Wiggum

    Wiggum -

    Sofern ich aus unserer Firma rauskomme bin ich auf jeden Fall dabei!!! :cool:
  5. j-lite

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    Sauber :) Die ersten zwei die mir bis morgen Mittag eine PM schicken kommen auf die GL +1 :P
  6. Wiggum

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    Boing! Ich musste ja unbedingt diese gammelige Pizza essen... :mad: