16.5. Comfortnoise Live Video Broadcast

Dieses Thema im Forum "Termine" wurde erstellt von Tree Park, 16. Mai 2014.

  1. TODAY: comfortnoise podcast 051-0514 w/ new.com saying goodbye to tree park studio

    video live stream outta tree park studio on friday may 16th, 2014 from 7pm over livebeats


    - advanced dubwise electronic music
    - by new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)

    tree park studio has to be cleared by end of may 2014. as we explained in our threepart interview for zweikommasieben magazine, its adress was from november 2012 a preliminary opportunity to join all kind of artists in a building with - believe it or not - 120 rooms! our beloved studio pretty quickly turned out to be a thrilling radio station, perfect production & mixing space, ideal meeting point, confidential chat room & calm workspace in one. we're especially proud of the eight large illustrations on the walls that have been developed offhand by local streetartists during the two and a half hour productions of our video live streamed podcasts: elf (035-1212), snyr & osrok (036-0113), robi the dog (037-0213), sierpinski stvan triangle (039-0413), oibel1 (040-0513), tofu (042-0713), brainfart (043-0813) & upholsterer greg (041-0613 & 044-0913)! good luck that these happenings are well documented, because the paintings will vanish now... looking back on so many extraordinary exciting collaborations with in-house friends as well as guests - producers, djs, visual- & streetartists - we want to give our thanks to all who joined, including these brilliant guys who made "kirche 248" real: lukas, lorenzo & raffael! - in 051-0514, new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zh) is enjoying tree park studio for the very last time by displaying a large variety of well elaborated basslines in the fields of dub, drone, techno, bass music, foundation dubstep & even drum'n'bass.