18.07.09 DIY Workshop, Pickled Feet Berlin

Dieses Thema im Forum "Termine" wurde erstellt von macumbista, 12. Juli 2009.

  1. Neanderthal Vocal Computer


    Saturday 18 July 2009 2PM
    _____-micro_research, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119
    U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl.
    U8, Rosenthaler Pl.
    Telephone: 3050187482.
    Cost: EUR 10
    Please email m@1010.co.uk to reserve a place (strictly limited)

    This workshop combines three of the basic building blocks of the longer Neanderthal Electronics workshop (TL072 op-amp comparator, 4093 gated oscillator & LM386 audio amplifier) to create a very crude, caveman-style analog computer for the processing of vocal input through a microphone. Participants will learn some analog and digital electronics basics to create an experimental prototype on the solderless breadboard, then recreate the circuit with permanent connections. They are also expected to bring their own box, case or other object in which to construct the final circuit. The last part of the workshop will touch on how this circuit can be expanded later on to include all kinds of mixers, modulators, distortions and filters through the use of other cheap, easily obtained parts.

    For more information and videos from the Neanderthal Electronics workshops, see: