30.10.2015 | Wien (AT) | Rack Rash 002 | Modular Event

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  1. Rack Rash 002
    Friday 30st October
    New Jörg | Jägerstraße 56 | 1200 Wien
    Doors open 18h | Lineup starts 19h

    Artist Lineup
    Mario Schönhofer (GER)
    Robert Schwarz (AUT)
    Julia Bondar and Andreas Zukovsky (UKR)
    Vaclav Pelousek (CZE) and Bernhard Rasinger (AUT)

    BASTL INSTRUMENTS Soldering Workshop
    (Frühshoppen soldering with Hangover Breakfast)
    Saturday 31st October
    Soldering starts 11h

    Come to build Bastl modules for very special prices!
    The workshop includes basics in soldering and reading technical documentation. We will also give insight on how each module works and how to operate it after the assembly. We will teach you how to test the modules and assist you with potential problems.
    As kit building is quite easy mission, we talk about our background and about the context of electronic musical instruments and DIY in general during the workshop.

    ABC ( Mixer) 62€
    Grandpa 143€
    Noise 2 70€
    SKIS 70€
    TeaKick 70€

    CV Trinity Expander 34€
    Knitrider Expander 34€
    Solenoid Expander 34€
    Grandpa Expander 62€

    more info about the modules @

    How to register for the Soldering Workshop:
    e-mail your name and what module you want to build
    to: post@br-laser.com

    All materials and tools will be provided. If you have your own don’t hesitate to bring them.

    Go to the fb event:

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  2. cellbiol

    cellbiol ....

    How come most events (like this) are only announced in this forum a few days before they actually take place?? Is there another list/forum that would allow planning some months ahead??
  3. Nice Modules! Are you planing a workshop in Hamburg maybey? I would just love to solder a GrandPA ;-)
  4. Zotterl

    Zotterl Guest

    Warum hier alles in Englisch?
  5. ich spreche kein Tschechisch ;-)
  6. Zotterl

    Zotterl Guest

    Der Threadstarter spricht jedenfalls deutsch.
  7. Ob die Jungs von BASTL auch was in Hamburg machen, kann ich nicht sagen.
    Vielleicht einfach mal Interesse bekunden.

    Der Ankünder war stressbedingt auf Englisch.
    Werde sehen, dass ich es zukünftig übersetze bevor ich es hier poste.