8.5.2019, Berlin, Marie Antoinette - 15 live performances - Free - Synthstrom Audible - The Night Before Synthmas

Hello again.

Synthstrom Audible are back in Berlin again and throw a party the night before Superbooth where our users rule the night.

Information here: https://synthstrom.com/synthstrom-audible-present-the-night-before-synthmas-2019-berlin-germany/

08/05/2019 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Holzmarktstrasse, 15-18 10179
S + Metro: Jannowitzbrücke
Free Entry

Featuring short, live, non stop deluge performances.

Facebook event:
View: https://www.facebook.com/events/614958038931944/

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How often do you get to see 15 different interpretations of one instrument!? So exciting, tomorrow night! Playing times below:

20:00 Doors open
20:40 SynthDad
20:50 The Burning Trestle
21:00 hollsound
21:10 oPan
21:20 Oblique Noir
21:30 ixindamix
21:40 Richard Crafter
21:50 Oscillo
22:00 Metunar
22:10 Ian Jorg
22:20 Amiga909
22:30 Roboutik
22:40 Damian Sea
22:50 Mike Z
23:00 Break Heaven 771

23: 10-24: 00 Freeplay (any user in the audience with an SD card can jump on, or those who have played can have another jam)
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Spannendes Konzept (gleiches Instrument, jeder Act ein Track...). Der Termin könnte halt leider knapp mit unserer Anreise werden
Vor allem die Begrenzung auf 10 Minuten pro Nase finde ich extrem genial.

@dest4b Hast du da nicht letztes Jahr mitgemacht?
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Video or audio recording would be great!
This is the first live performance for several of the participants. I do not like putting pressure of video / audio recordings on them as well. I like for people not to feel extra nervous at these events. However, of course the individuals are welcome to film/record themselves :)
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