Aldo -> "Random Jam #8 [weird jazzy stuff w/ Digitakt, 0-Coast, Keystep & Ditto X4]"



Schon echt nett, was der Aldo da in Echtzeit entwickelt.

"I've been messing with the "Digitakt as a polysynth" thing a bit more since last video and came up with this chopped-vocal patch (extra bonus point to whoever can name the singer I sampled). The rest is pretty much the usual recipe : Ditto X4 looper controlled by the Digitakt, 0-Coast bleeping around & sloppy guitar playing. Patch note below! So I'm using the Digitakt as a synth, I explained this in my last video but basically the Keystep MIDI data goes to a nearby computer where it's being processed by Max MSP. A dedicated patch spreads the incoming MIDI notes to different MIDI channels (in this case 1 to 4), making it polyphonic. The remaining tracks are used for standard drum beat. (Here is the other video for more details : This synth line is looped by the Ditto X4 which is controlled by the Digitakt with CC messages. The synth melody is also recorded by the Digitakt MIDI sequencer and forwarded to the 0-Coast, which is playing some ever-changing asynchronous pattern (done with the Slope in Cycle mode controlling the Dynamic, the Random Voltage Generator is changing the Time settings of the Slope at each new MIDI note). The 0-Coast goes through the delay pedal that you can see on the left. It's a very basic delay from Puzzle Sounds and it's pretty good, you can get the DIY kits for super cheap too. (Check out their stuff if you're broke like meeee : The guitar is being looped by the Ditto X4 as well, but first it goes through the multi-effect rack. I found this thing in the street a few month ago and I love itttt, aha, it sounds kinda cheap but it has a cool charm to it. I use the Swell effect and the Octaver around 2:02, the compressor is also active during the whole song. I recorded everything on 4 different tracks : 1 is the chopped-vocal synth, 2 is the guitar loops, 3 is the drums and 4 is the 0-Coast. I mixed everything together in the DAW where I added reverb and delay. The whole thing goes through Kramer MPX, Ozone 5 and L3 Ultramaximizer for mastering. I also did some minor timing edits on the guitar track. And that's about it! I hope you liked this one, it's pretty simple but I'm quite happy with the final result. I have no idea what genre it is tho, any idea what to call this? Anyway thank you so much for passing by, have a lovely day"

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