(CD) Interconnected - Current Flow (electronica/idm)

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    Das Album ist über die Homepage des belgischen Labels VU-US erhältlich, dort gibt es auch zwei Klangbeispiele.

    Deutlich mehr Klangbeispiele gibt es auf MySpace.

    Sobald es weitere Bezugsquellen oder Klangbeispiele gibt,
    poste ich die Links nachträglich.

    Und hier noch das Promo sheet des Labels als PDF.

    01. Greenerblue
    02. Dark Clouds
    03. Springs
    04. Deepestsespeed
    05. Flowerscape
    06. Smotion
    07. Pulsating
    08. Timebender
    09. Cats
  2. Vu-us is very proud to present their newest release:

    Interconnected - “Current Flow”.(VU-US01:cool:

    Interconnected is a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental project between Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette). Both guys are heavy into analogue modular systems which makes their sound very unique and organic compared to other artists in the electronica scene who hardly use any hardware anymore.
    Their debut album “Current Flow” is a sonic trip where frequencies take on real life form. Each song takes you on an aural voyage to explore new worlds beyond your imagination. The opening track “Greenerblue” brings you smoothly into this new world while other tracks like “Deepestsespeed” give you the impression that you are wandering around that cold surface for ages.
    The design of this release might seem a bit dark rst, compared to the music itself, but it represents a so familiar ally and yet so mysterious during the night, the unknown.

    Jef Aerts, vu-us



    clips from the album here:

    of course the album is full of analogue modulars like the Doepfer A100, Serge modular, AS Integrator, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox / CGS, Blacet research, A. Solutions Concussor, (with additional Livewire, Cyndustries, Plan B modules) and Oberheim SEM, Jupiter 6, Mono/poly, MS20, SQ10, TR606, Roland System-100m, various string machines and Tape Echoes, Nord modular, Waldorf Microwave, etc, etc...
  3. and the first review:

    Interconnected - Current Flow

    CD-r, VU-US, 2010

    Those of your who like vintage electronics with an abstract edge while taking things out of the ordinary, should check out the sonic worlds of Interconnected. It’s a a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental effort between Greek synthesist musician Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (know of Dron, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette). Their debut-album “Current Flow” comes as black cd-r with a full colour cd-print and a full colour picture containing all the artist and label info, plus a VU-US sticker, all packaged in a digipack.

    The music-design explored on the well produced 49-minute “Current Flow” is both modern and daring, melting experimental electronics with elements of IDM and beyond. Album opener "Greenerblue" sets off as a lush, expressive outing with deep bass pulses, after which the music turns into a mysterious and imaginary trip in the sonic worlds of wonder on the next piece. Quirky sequencers and rhythms create an otherworldy effect on "Springs", followed by the more well-rendered futuristic music of "Deepestsespeed" with its cinematic atmospheres and robotic effects. Mind this is no easy but adventurous electronic music, turning a tad lighter and as the more melodic and rhythmic "Flowerscape" kicks in with its slight Kraftwerkian realms. Moody synth pads hover over spicy rhythms, showing another tad of Kraftwerk at the end. "Pulsating" ïs another peculiar track shifting from repetitive and drony to taking flight in the second half. "Timebender" is another strong and low tempo excursion, breathing lots of ambience as the music unfolds, before "Cats" puts a moody end to things. Fans of the DataBloem label and the sounds of real analogues will find much of their liking on "Current Flow", as will those who enjoyed the previous albums of Mr Sirros.
    Bert Strolenberg
  4. review from electroambientspace.com:

    Interconnected “Current Flow”

    (http://www.myspace.com/interconnectedmusic, 2010)

    9 tracks, 49 mins

    Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) and Ingo Zobel form Interconnected, an electronic music duo forged by a love of all things analog and modular, creating a unique organic/synthetic hybrid sound. “Greenerblue” is a great opener with its irresistibly catchy rhythms and melody. The beats shuffle along just so, synths waft gently over the top, and female synthlike vocals flow into the mix as well. The darker, more minimalist approach on “Dark Clouds” immediately brings to mind Node’s excellent self-titled album, as percolating percussion propels things along. Spastic rhythms get “Springs” off to a quirky start, a familiar Bakis musical styling from his Parallel Worlds albums, and somewhat reminiscent of Saul Stokes as well. “Deepestsespeed” and its glitchy loops remind me of some of Vir Unis work such as Mercury and Plastic or his Perimeter series with James Johnson. Each track slips into a groove and goes with the rhythmic flow until the next one comes. My favorite may be “Timebender,” with its cool relaxed bass line and layers of crisp percussion and electronics. In short, there’s plenty to like here.

    © 2010 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space