Diversion VSTi software synthesizer

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  1. Möchte euch den neuen softsynth Diversion vorstellen, der meiner Meinung vom Klang her in der Oberklasse der VSTi`s mitspielt.
    Die Modulationsmöglichkeiten und die anzahl der Filter ist auch beachtlich. Den Synth gibts momentan nur für Windows, aber für Mac wird er so laut Programmierer in 1-2 Monaten erscheinen.
    Webseite: http://diversion-synth.com/

    Der Diversion kostet 150 USD, die aber im Vergleich zu anderen Produkten gerechtfertigt sind.

    Viel Spaß damit !!!!
  2. CS1x

    CS1x .

    Habe das ding schon kurz getestet, danach haben mir die Ohren weh getan.

    Ich wollte sowieso fragen ob ich nun der einzige bin der bei manchen syntis Ohren schmärzen bekommt.

    Meine meinung ist: Der klingt billeg.

    Aber man sucht doch kein Softsynth mehr, vor kurzem ist doch ein raus gekommen an dem soger die meissten Digitale HardSynthis scheitern werden :D
  3. Vielleicht liegts an deiner Spielweise :P

    Das kann schon sein das dir die Ohren weh getan haben, weil der Synth die hohen Frequenzen ziemlich sauber wiedergibt.

    Gruss Peter
  4. CS1x

    CS1x .

    genau das ist das Problem die hohen Frequenzen sind zu Spitz.
  5. Neo

    Neo ..

    schon wieder ? :lol:
  6. CS1x

    CS1x .

    Nein dieses mal wirklich :D
  7. Welchen Softsynth meinst du denn?
  8. Optisch sieht der aber mal aus wie dieser eine Reaktor Synth von NI. Name fällt mir grad nicht ein.
  9. CS1x

    CS1x .

    Harmor Sound Engine.

  10. Ab heute Update 1.1 :phat:
    Leider noch keine Mac Version.

    Here is a list of changes:

    - Exponential and variable slope envelope modes
    - 2 analog lowpass filter modes
    - Filter parameter DMP renamed to Control. Now it works for each filter mode, except 6 dB lowpass. See the manual for details
    - Hyperbolic shaper type
    - Feed, Erose and Chip Oscillator Effects. Oscillator Effects are selectable now
    - GrainShifter FX
    - 2 tube modes for Distortion FX
    - Crackles LFO mode
    - Redesigned BUS Distortion
    - 6 additional slots for ModMatrix
    - Fixed occasional crashes
    - Minor fixes for ModMatrix, Master Level range, pitch modulation, Scissor and LO-FI modules, GUI and many others
    - Added 50 new patches

    Let me explain several features. The update intended to expand Diversion in two dimensions. The first part is analogue sound design. Now Diversion has two fat analog modelled lowpass filters with an adjustable internal saturation. From the first look it may seems that these filters produces too strong self-oscillations for high Resonance values. Just tweak internal saturation and you will see it worth that. The second point is new envelope modes. Actually, in EXP mode EG produces more complex envelope for Decay and Release stages than exponential. This curve has more natural fading out and distinct "punch" than a traditional exponent. Variable-slope mode is useful for achieving linear and Bezier-style curves. Finally Diversion now has a fat hyperbolic shaper and tube models for Distortion FX.

    Don't forget to try CTRL value field for different filter modes. For example, internal resonance limiting circuit with an adjust threshold was implemented for classic LP/BP/HP filters. Bandwidth, balance, resonance, center frequencies can be controlled for other filter types.

    On the other side the update extends atmospheric, FX and LO-FI capabilities of the synth. New GrainShifter FX can produce many cool ambient things. CHIP OscFX is a great addition to BUS' LO-FI. Try it at max low and high pitches, apply it to waves with a low and high harmonic content. FEED FX is great for shaping noise waveforms, producing digital aliasing and extending traditional FM capabilities. BTW, it makes sense to use two and more similar OscFX within single oscillator. OscFXs are smart. For example, if you use two SubOscs then transposition for the first one is one octave below original pitch and two octaves for the second one. And so on…

    There are 50 new patches included to show usage of new features. If you want to check only those new patches you could download them from here:

    http://diversion-synth.com/files/Diversion_v11_pat ches.zip

    BTW, if you haven't noticed yet, Diversion wins two Computer Music awards in CM173 - Editor's Choice and Performance with a score 9/10.