[Drone] Dark Sun

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  1. What happens when mono goes to the Dour festival and listens to Sun O))) live?
    Yeah he starts to worship satan and after a good recover starts to noodle.
    Here is a dark drone i did today inspired by the guys from Sun O)))


    Ooow gear used:

    RSF Kobol
    Zero VCO
    Bunch of clock dividers
    Gate sequencer
    Wiard VCO to control the zereo vco
    Sub Mux Deluxe
    Noise Ring

    Plate reverb and Chorus from my Ensoniq Paris
  2. verstaerker

    verstaerker |||||||||

    ganz shcoen duester - auf was fuer Festivals treibst du dich denn rum ;-)

    geiler Sound! Super duester und grueselig. Herrlich!

    Aber zugegeben nahc der Haelfte hab ich keine Lust mehr.
  3. Danke fur deine komentar!
  4. ppg360

    ppg360 fummdich-fummdich-ratata

    Was that the show with Bohren & Der Club of Gore and Fear Falls Burning?

  5. Hi Stephen

    Sorry for the late reply.
    It was a single preformance by them.
    Not by with Boren & Der Club of Gore.