[english] CS80 "velocity waveform" anyone?



Hi, sorry for posting in this section in English, I thought you maybe can explain a doubt : I'm studying the velocity system in the Yamaha CS80 and found that it is a very peculiar implementation, it shows like this as a circuitry

Now , what I understood is that , when you hit a key, the signal triggers this circuit through T1 and T6 (left): now the same signal (gate) is converted as aftertouch and velocity, eventually these signals are sent to VCAs to be amplified then to filters and amplitude; now what I'd like to know is : what role plays the FET in the middle and what is the link between the two tracks for? A friend told me that the result of the signal through IC9 is kind of an AD envelope, that is a "waveform" to make the sound have a transient like on pianos, is it true? Is this envelope mixed with a plain level velocity? Thanks for any hint about this



Hmm, there's a little DIY section here,

I just push it up maybe someone can comment. Aftertouch is normally just pressure = more signal without any envs.
Not sure if it's more, quite in a hurry atm..